Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: Esker Cycles Elkat



Orion suspension is the latest creation from Dave Weagle, the brains behind the dw-link suspension seen on some of the best bikes on the market. The system is designed to stay active under pedaling to better maintain traction while simultaneously offering forward momentum. It’s a smooth, fast and active design that provides the Elkat with outstanding suspension performance.


The Elkat is designed with a short and snappy attitude that makes it a blast to ride over a variety of trails. It’s a true do-it-all bike made to satisfy the needs of many different riders. That said, the rider that will get along best with the Elkat is one who likes to pick his bike up and dance it down the trails. This short and “poppy” bike gives riders the ability to make quick line choices or turn mellow sections into more exciting ones.


On the climbs, the Elkat offers plenty of mid-stoke support while staying active enough to supply ground-hugging traction. The bike’s smaller size and pedaling efficiency gave our test riders the ability to clear chunky rock gardens and tight switchback turns.

On longer sustained climbs, the Elkat pedals quite well; however, the shock’s compression lever is a welcome feature for long and smooth climbs.


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