Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: KHS 4 Season 3000 Fat Bike

KHS4 Season 3000 Fat Bike

During these strange times when people are looking for ways to escape quarantine and get outside, bikes have been disappearing off showroom floors in record numbers, creating a shortage of new bikes. Fortunately, technology has reached a point where even the most affordable mountain bikes can put smiles on a rider’s face. Of course, choosing a bike is a highly subjective process.

One of the biggest factors is the type of riding you want to experience. Should you go with a hardtail or a full-suspension trail bike? Perhaps the thought has even crossed your mind that a new fat bike could be a fun option to spice things up, and you could be right.

Some of you may recall our shootout our shootout (MBA, Janauary 2015) between the 4 Season 3000 and the SixFifty 250. Both cost right around the same price when we tested them, but they offer very different rides. The 4 Season is a fat bike for floating over whatever the earth throws underneath its wheels, whereas the SixFifty offers a more traditional full-suspension trail bike ride. Each of these bikes is designed with a specific use in mind. Fast-forward to today: KHS still offers its 4 Season 3000 fat bike as an option. Some updates have been made, and although we did a significant portion of our testing during the summertime, we still put the big tires to use on our local Southern California trails.


Although it’s already a tight fit, there is still some room for a larger-than-stock 4.8-inch tire. The frame is also newly designed and made with a 6061 alloy. KHS utilized aluminum in order to create a strong custom-formed top tube and downtube. KHS modernized the tubing further with internally routed cables. Unlike the previous version that…


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