Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: KHS 4 Season 3000 Fat Bike



to keep us spinning the heavy bike up some challenging climbs. Some of our riders would prefer to change some little things, such as the saddle or grips, but those are easy fixes. Last would be to go all out and convert the wheelset to tubeless. This would save considerable weight, but would cost the rider some money and maintenance time.


As mentioned, the latest 4 Season 3000 was tested on trails that we typically ride on a trail bike. Throughout our testing, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it performed on our local routes. The 4 Season 3000 was designed for any time of year, regardless of weather or terrain. Sure, it is not the first choice in terms of speed and pushing the limits down the trail, but that is not what it is intended for.

The KHS fat-tire rig is meant to be a great bike for those looking to get into the big-tire world and experience the thrills that come along with it. Whether you’re looking for a squishy ride, a bike that can handle sand or snow, or even something to make you completely rethink your local trails, the 4 Season 3000 is up to the task.


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