Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: KHS 4 Season 3000 Fat Bike



decided to put the 4 season 3000 through tough terrain typically ridden with a do-it-all trail rig. Over the years, the 4 Season’s geometry and design have been updated with shorter chainstays, a slacker head tube angle and a longer wheelbase. Did these changes help?


The bike behaved differently from what we originally expected climbing up the dry/loose fire roads of Southern California. The previous geometry of the 4 Season 3000 required quite a bit of focus to get up steeper sections. We also had to concentrate on staying back over the bike to get the rear tires to grab on the climbs. Say goodbye to those issues with the latest updates! The 2020 4 Season was very composed while moving uphill.

The minor changes to the head tube angle and the extended wheelbase gave us more control at the handlebars. Along with more control, we felt like we sat over the rear wheel right in the sweet spot for the tire to hook up while climbing. This upright body position created an impressive amount if traction while hammering the pedals to the top of the mountain; however, this was not the only gain we saw with extra traction.


Our test riders were pleasantly surprised that they had a ton of fun when pointing this bike downhill. Due to the volume of air in a fat bike tire, a 1- or 2-psi difference made a noticeable change in how the tire interacted with the terrain. When we pointed the KHS down the trail, the low tire pressures (around 8–10 psi) allowed us to grab and hold onto the loose sections of trail.

Although heavy, the 4 Season is lively on the dirt.

This also allowed the bike to remain very forgiving if you went off-line or put it up against a rockier section. Moving and turning the big tires in corners felt a little foreign. It took our test riders some time to get comfortable with how the tires would react. Once we adapted, we were impressed with how well the 4 Season 3000 handled the terrain.


There is typically something on an affordable bike that begs to be upgraded. In the case of the $2499 KHS 4 Season, however, we didn’t see much that needed to be changed.

We thought the drivetrain was excellent, given the price point, as it managed…


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