Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: Niner Sir 9 2.0 Trail Bike


Although our SIR 9 test subject came with 130mm versus the spec’d 120mm of front-wheel travel, the bike proved stable during steep fire-road climbs, as the extra travel didn’t destroy our goal of ascending efficiently. We felt that the seat tube angle placed us in an ideal rider position to consistently put down power over the pedals, while the bit-longer reach assisted us in getting over the front of the bike.

The “Trail Country” geometry of the SIR 9 has no loss of efficiency on the trails.


So how did all these details translate when pointing the bike down a trail? Maybe the frame wasn’t intended for use with a 130mm fork, but we sure did love the extra bit of cushion in bigger drops. The short, 430mm chainstays on the SIR 9 2.0 delivered a dynamic ride that made the bike easier to pop and flick around trail obstacles. Some of you may be thinking that the SIR 9 would be slow to maneuver, simply because it is made of steel. This is not the case; in fact, the relatively lightweight steel tubing provides a stable platform to gain and maintain speed on even the most demanding trails.

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