Mountain Bike Action Bike Test: Pivot Switchblade Enduro Bike

Pivot Switchblade

Pivot’s custom-tuned Fox shock provides excellent traction in the corners.

The Switchblade is arguably the most versatile bike in Pivot’s lineup, with a unique ability to adapt to the trails. Its newest iteration was first seen at the beginning of 2020, replacing the previous design launched in 2016. Pivot labels this bike as an enduro; however, the Switchblade is a bike that can’t be pigeonholed into a single category. This modern mountain bike exudes confidence and performance on every part of the trail. We’ve been putting in the hours and racking up the miles aboard our second-generation Switchblade to provide you with a complete and final review. Sit tight and read on to learn more about Pivot’s wildly impressive machine.

Fox Live Valve suspension can be integrated into any Switchblade frame.



The most noticeable change to the Switchblade is a new appearance with straighter lines and a new vertical shock layout. Pivot offers frames from XS to XL designed to fit riders from 5 feet to 6-foot-7. Each frame is tuned with size-specific tubes, allowing riders to experience the same level of stiffness whether riding a small or large frame. This attention to detail can be seen in the front triangle, while the rear triangle remains the same across each frame size. The chainstay length increased by 2mm from the last generation to give riders a more stable ride.

Pivot continues to deliver by adding a Flip Chip inspired by the Firebird 29, a drainage hole below the shock and an uninterrupted seat tube to allow long-travel dropper posts. Other details include a mounting point under the top tube for accessories and ample clearance for plus-sized tires. Pivot also noted that the Switchblade could be run as a mixed-wheel bike with a 29/275-inch tire combo.

The Switchblade offers a nearly silent ride thanks to Pivot’s custom chainstay guard and Shimano’s chain retention technology.



There’s no lack of component packages to choose from when purchasing a Switchblade. In fact, it’s almost overwhelming how many…

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