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 Dream Bike

Our latest dream build features a variety of offbeat components.

The best dreams are ones that take you by surprise and show you something you may have never seen before. This quickly became the inspiration behind our latest dream bike build. We reached out to a handful of companies, including Wren, TRP, Hope, Alchemy and many more, to assemble this truly one-of-a-kind dream bike.


The Arktos 29 was the perfect platform for our build due to its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Alchemy designed this frame with downhill toughness while retaining a peppy attitude for climbing back up.

Frame: We began our build with Alchemy’s Arktos 29, a carbon frame with 140mm of travel and 29-inch wheels. At the heart of the Arktos is a patented dual-linkage platform called Sine Suspension. Best of all, this carbon frame is handmade in the USA.


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