Mountain Bike Action New Products: e∗thirteen LG1 Race All-Terrain Enduro Tire

LG1 Race 

All-Terrain Enduro Tire

If you put miles on your bike, you’re sure to wear down your tires. A good way to spend some spare cash is on a fresh pair of rubber, such as the LG1 Race All-Terrain Enduro tire from E∗thirteen. These tires feature a new casing and compound that’s claimed to be faster rolling and reduce wear.

Available in either 27.5-inch or 29-inch and only a 2.4-inch width, the LG1 tires should fit many bikes on the market. These tires offer additional protection against sharp objects and have a claimed weight of 1140 grams for a single 29-inch tire.

Price: Starting at $71.95


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