Mountain Bike Action New Products: Eggtronic’s Lap Top Power Bank

Lap Top Power Bank

By Eggtronic

Camping and outdoor kits used to comprise of little more than a tent, swiss army knife and the basic gear needed to do your recreation. Today’s outdoor enthusiasts tend to bring along phones, cameras and GPS devices, but all these gadgets run on batteries that will need to be recharged and the Eggtronic 20,000mAh Laptop Power Bank can help keep your gadgets charged up when there isn’t a wall outlet for miles.


The portable charger comes equipped with two USB-A ports to recharge phones, tablets and camera as well as a 45W Power Delivery USB-C port that can quickly recharge compatible laptops. The power bank is covered in soft, water-repellent linen canvas with a soft touch frame around the side as well as a built-in LCD display that tells you the remaining battery life in one clear number, so you won’t be left unexpectedly without power. Price $89.90

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