Mountain Bike Action New Products: E*thirteen’s New HELIX Cassette

E*thirteen’s New HELIX Cassette


By E*thirteen


HELIX components are engineered to bridge the compatibility gap between SRAM™ and Shimano™ components, ensuring versatility and flawless performance. Future-proof your bike with e*thirteen Helix.




The HELIX R 12 Speed Cassette is an upgrade to any SRAM Eagle™ drivetrain, with more range than any other cassette on the market. The 9 tooth cog lets you step down one chainring size while keeping the same top end gearing and provides not only better ground clearance, but an overall lighter drivetrain. The aluminum one-piece 42/50 tooth cluster is easily replaceable so riders can keep their steel cluster for multiple seasons and freshen up granny as needed without buying a whole new cassette.

Helix R is also available in a 325g 9-46t 11 speed configuration that’s compatible with both Shimano™ and SRAM™ Drivetrains.



Works flawlessly with Shimano™ and SRAM™ 12s drivetrains despite the challenges in designing for the different cog spacing and chain behavior. Additionally, if your wheel has a SRAM XD™ Driver and you want to upgrade to Shimano™ 12s, you not only save money on the cassette, you don’t have to spend the extra on a new hub driver either.



Unlike SRAM Eagle™ cassettes, the HELIX R cassettes have replaceable gear clusters. That means ongoing service and replacement costs will be less than half that of SRAM™ or Shimano™ cassettes.

12 SPEED – 345g

556% — More range than any other cassette on the market
9-50T:  9,11,13,15,17,20,23,27,31,36,42,50
Replaceable gear clusters
Reverse compatible with TRS+ 9-50t
MSRP $289.95 / €289

11 SPEED – 325g

511% Range
9-46T: 9,11,13,15,17,20,24,28,33,39,46
Replaceable gear clusters
 $289.95 / €289

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