Tech Features:

The Altec helmet combines trail functionality with safety and style. Since 100% prides itself on being an eyewear company first, the helmet needed integration with goggles and sunglasses. To accomplish this, the visor flips up out of the way to allow for goggle storage underneath. If sunglasses are more your style, 100% designed channels at the back of the helmet to hold your sunglasses in place during mid-ride breaks or while passing through a dark forest.

Safety is a major concern for any helmet, which is why 100% designed its own directional and rotational impact system. Smartshock, as it is called, is essentially 14 elastomers placed in key areas to reduce the transfer of energy during an impact. These shocks sit up against your head as opposed to technologies like 6D’s ODS system or Bell’s Flex technologies that use shock absorbers between two shells. 100% then used multi-density EPS foam to further reduce impact energy.