Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Dynaplug Covert Bar End Kit

Dynaplug Covert Bar End Kit

Dynaplug was founded back in 1991 with the goal of creating a simple do-it-yourself fix for tubeless tires. While MTB tires were mostly using tubes at that time, Dynaplug found success plugging punctured tires on a variety of vehicles, from automobiles to gardening equipment. As cyclists began to popularize tubeless tire systems on their mountain bikes, Dynaplug was ready to lend its expertise in quick-fix tire solutions. This month the wrecking crew got its hands on a new way to carry a tubeless plug kit. It’s a clever solution that we are happy to share with you.

Tech features:

The new Covert bar-end kit from Dynaplug is designed to hide four plugs inside the handlebars of a mountain bike. The kit replaces the outer lock rings of a pair of grips and uses threaded end caps to insert the tool into the handlebars. The kit is made from anodized billet 6061 aluminum and weighs just over 38 grams with the plugs installed. The full kit from Dynaplug includes three Standard plugs and a Megaplug for extra-large punctures. The kit also includes a pair of ODI Vans Lock-On grips.

Field test results:

Once we got our Covert bar-end kit, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to install it on one of our test bikes. The grips are as easy to install as any other Lock-On style grips—just make sure the bar ends are open, allowing the tool to protrude inside. Once installed, the tool can be unthreaded and removed by hand, or two flat edges allow a wrench to be used in a worst-case scenario.

Using the tool is pretty straightforward and requires the same set of steps used with any other Dynaplug kit. Just remove the object lodged in the tire and insert the plug in its place to fill the hole. The combination of the viscoelastic impregnated rubber plug and the sealant in your tubeless tires should do the trick, getting you back on the trail. It’s important to note that removing the object and plugging the hole will likely cause air to leak out, so a pump or CO2 may be needed to get the tire pressure back to a safe-to-ride psi. All that said, this plug kit worked great, and, as a bonus, our test riders got along well with the included grips. Should you already have a favorite pair of dual Lock-On grips, the toolkit should work with them as well.


• Hides tire plugs in an easy-to-find and out-of-the-way location

• Works with most dual-sided Lock-On grips

• Comes with a nice set of grips in the package


• Requires the use of dual-sided Lock-On grips

• Bar ends could get scuffed or damaged during a crash

Star Rating


Price: $69.99

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