Mountain Bike Action Product Test: G-Form E-Line Knee Pads

E-Line Knee Pads

G-Form helped revolutionize the soft-pad protection market by introducing some of the lightest and most breathable pads of the time. Since then, many companies have tried to compete with G-Form, offering their own version of lightweight protection apparel. While G-Form still specializes in soft protection products, the company saw the opportunity to expand into the enduro and e-bike markets with tough pads built to handle high-speed crashes. The all-new E-Line pads are G-Form’s answer for aggressive riders challenging themselves on technical terrain. Read on to see what the Mountain Bike Action Wrecking Crew had to say about G-Form’s E-Line knee guards.

Tech features:

The E-Line pads incorporate everything G-Form has learned about knee protection, but add some new features yet to be seen on a G-Form pad. In fact, the E-Line pads are G-Form’s first hard-shell-covered pad. There are four layers that make up the E-Lines, including a ventilated foam for comfort and a SmartFlex layer that hardens on impact, just like G-Form’s popular soft-shell pads. The next layer is an Armortex Kevlar blend material designed to resist abrasion and, last but not least, a hard outer shell to reduce friction during a crash.

E-Line Knee Guard

G-Form then turned its attention to comfort and ease of use. Two large Velcro straps secure the pads to the rider’s knees, and a seamless zipper allows riders to take the knee pads on and off without removing their shoes. The back of the pads are mostly open, and the front of the pads feature well-placed holes for ventilation. As with all G-Form padding, the knee guards are machine washable, and to ensure customers are satisfied, G-Form offers a 30-day return policy. All right, enough of the tech stuff. Let’s see how these new rugged pads handled our local trails.

Field test results:

One of our biggest pet peeves is when we lace up our shoes only to remember we haven’t yet slipped on our pads. G-Form solved this issue by offering an easy on/off solution. The combination of a zipper, along with two Velcro straps, allows riders to easily gear up at the top of the trail. Our test riders found climbing in these pads was comfortable and didn’t hinder our pedaling performance. Enduro racers will have no issues leaving these pads on during the entire length of their race; however, on hot days or extra-long climbing stages, the ability to quickly shed the pads and keep going is a nice feature. The pads are more heavy-duty than G-Form users are used to, but they are far from the bulkiest pads we’ve worn. These new-age hardshell pads provided us with the confidence to charge the trails harder while also providing comfort during climbs. Overall, our riders had a great experience with G-Form’s new E-Line pads and would recommend them to any aggressive rider looking for optimal protection without comprising comfort.


• Comfortable fit with great protection

• Easy on and off without removing shoes

• Combines soft- and hardshell technologies


• Tab on Velcro straps can be tough to grab with gloves on

Star Rating: ★★★★★


Price: $109.99

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