Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Oneup Components Switch Direct-Mount Chainrings


we feared the chainring bolts would loosen over time. Neither of these problems occurred. The system remained silent, even after some hard pedaling on the trail and numerous chainring swaps before rides. Now the major question is, is the system of any use? Yes, we feel it is great to have easily switchable chainrings. Once we settled on being able to easily change chainrings before or even during a ride, we usually ran the 32t, but had no shame in swapping down to a 30t chainring to allow for an easier spin on days when steeper climbs were part of the route.

For the consumer, OneUp nailed the variety of options available. If you ever get a new bike or change your crankset brand, you will be able to change the carrier while still utilizing the same chainrings. We feel the Switch chainring system is a very affordable option that helps riders experiment with gearing choices and make the selection that is best for the trail ahead.

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