Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Sidi Dominator 10 MTB Shoe

Sidi Dominator 10
Trail Shoe

There is not much that can beat the feeling of sliding into a well-crafted pair of Italian shoes. Not only do the Italians craft fine footwear for fashion, they also make excellent mountain bike shoes. Sidi’s first pairs of performance footwear were manufactured by hand in 1960 by founder and craftsman Dino Signori. Today, Sidi still manufactures its footwear by hand, and no part of the production process is outsourced. 

Sidi recognizes that its products are more expensive than many other options on the market. With that being said, Sidi fully believes that the investment is worth it. They currently offer mountain bike shoes that range from $99 to $550 per pair. We tested the shoe that is a step above the intermediate-level Dominator 7 SR, the Dominator 10.

Tech features:

The Sidi Dominator 10 features an RS17 sole that is lighter than previous versions. Not only is it lighter, the sole has been upgraded to a more aggressive tread pattern. A replaceable toe insert has been added, along with a non-slip Sidi logo and toe-spike compatibility.

The Dominator 10’s upper is made with Sidi’s Technomicro material, which is durable but also light, breathable, supple and water-repellent. As if that were not enough, it is also eco-friendly.

Unlike the lower-priced Dominator 7 that uses Velcro straps, the Dominator 10 uses a Tecno-3 system. The dials on this system help control the fit along the entire length of the shoe. While ratcheting into the shoe, the proprietary Sidi Wire acts like shoelaces that help the upper material contour to the shape of the rider’s foot.

Sidi has deemed the Dominator series its most versatile option. Locking a pair of these to our feet, we set off to find out if Sidi’s latest design could hold up to our aggressive adventure riding, crushing cross-country laps and all the steps in between.


Field Test Results:

Similar to other Sidis, we found the Dominator 10s were comfortable from the moment we slipped them onto our feet; however, unlike the tongue material used in past versions, the material of the Dominator 10 used throughout the upper seemed to have virtually no break-in period. We even found the Sidi Wire to be non-binding and simple for on-the-fly comfort adjustments. The RS17 sole has a great balance of walking flexion and pedaling stiffness. This sets the RS17 apart from ultra-stiff carbon options.

Yes, the polyurethane is a bit slippery on rock faces but grips well in mud or soft soil. Although Sidi offers replacement parts, we were impressed with the durability of the entire construction. There was a day of testing where we were sure some damage was caused by a sharp-rocked hike-a-bike section. To our surprise, the shoes suffered some scuffs, but nothing detrimental to any of the material. Overall, the Dominator 10 shoes are a fine example of Sidi’s excellence.


• Very comfortable fit and easy adjustment

• Replaceable small parts

• Handcrafted with robust durability


• Traction loss on rocks


Star Rating:


Price: $330

Sizes: EU 40–48, and half sizes 40.5–46.5 (US: 6 1/2–13)


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