Mountain Bike Action Product Test: Wera Tools Bicycle Set Torque 1


a slight pull and a few rotations to adjust its torque setting between 2.5Nm and 25Nm. Compared to other torque wrenches on the market, this is the widest range of torque settings we’ve seen. A window on the side of the wrench displays the torque setting, while a smaller window underneath has fine-tune adjustments down to 1/10th of a Newton meter. Wera’s wrench is designed to deliver an audible and tactile click when the set torque value is met, and each bit socket features a design that holds screws and bolts in place, making the tool effortless to use. Wera Tools can be purchased globally.

Field test results:

It may be more appropriate to call this section “Shop Test Results,” considering this tool is too large to carry on the trails. This torque wrench set travels well, but its size would take up valuable room in your riding pack. It is really designed to be a shop tool. The handle provides comfort, and the overall length provides leverage for easily achieving set torque values. The sockets and bit sockets are made from top-quality materials, and the color-coded rings are a nice touch. Simply remember the color combination and you’ll never grab the wrong size again.

The feature that holds bolts to the tool is a bonus that allows easy access when…

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