Must Watch: DEVOTION with Morgane Charre and Emilie Siegenthaler

A life of bikes with riders Morgane Charre and Emilie Siegenthaler

Bikes. They’ve taken me across the world. Introduced me to people and communities. Given me health, motivation, and way of life; they make me truly happy. It’s thanks to mountain biking that I know Emilie, my friend and teammate: we share the same devotion to the sport and everything it represents. That’s why we jump at any opportunity to explore new mountains and trails together. There is nothing better than pedaling, pushing, and hiking up a mountain, then floating back down, turning, pumping, drifting, jumping, enjoying the moment with someone who shares your same passion. – Morgane Charre

Riders: Morgane Charre, Emilie Siegenthaler

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