Nevada State Champs Race


As reported by KHS

2021 is absolutely starting off to be a year to remember. The Nevada State Championships race is done and dusted and the KHS bicycles team has come out on top. With blood sweat and tears and a whole lot of dedication, the team has won pro men’s downhill finals three years in a row, thanks to Nik Nestoroff. This is a massive accomplishment with a lot of support and help from everyone in the mountain bike community.

Not only did Nik win the Pro Men’s finals at the Nevada State Championship this past weekend, but also winning in dominating fashion was Kailey Skelton. She is now two-for-two wins for the 2021 season. Also, within her final race run, she unfortunately crashed at the very top of the race, which scared us all, but she managed to get back on her bike and win the race, which was an amazing accomplishment in her professional field of racing.

On the unfortunate side of things was Steven Walton, who was definitely up for grabs for the win between him and Nik. Steven had a mechanical about 25 seconds into his race run, which ended up being a flat tire. He was still only 26 seconds off the lead and definitely would’ve been a contender for the win alongside Nik.

The team continues to dominate and move onto the next race of round two in Fontana California. They are very excited to keep their winning streak alive and stay healthy to continue to the top. We want to thank all our sponsors and everyone who helps get our team to the top step of the podium. We know that we could not do it without them!

KHS Pro MTB Team Is hoping everyone is staying safe and enjoying the new 2021 season. Once again thank you to everyone and all our sponsors & fans who keep our motivation high at all times.

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