New Bike Discovery: 2020 Norco Sight Youth 27.5

2020 Norco Sight Youth 27.5

Next Generation Performance for the Next Generation

For Immediate Release — Trails are getting tougher. All-Mountain expectations are rising…And the kids are stepping it up.

To create the new Sight Youth 27.5, we drew on the same inspiration and science that developed the 2020 adult Sight, but developed it specifically for the amazing riding we’ve witnessed on our local trails by kids who aren’t even out of middle school yet.

Seeing all that skill and boundless potential aboard bikes that are either under-built for what they’re trying to do, or limited by something that’s just too big, it made us wonder how much quicker the next generation of All-Mountain riders could progress if they had a bike that’s designed just for them.

The Sight Youth 27.5 employs Norco’s Ride Aligned™ design system to create a ride that doesn’t just fit a 4’9” – 5’2” rider, but is deliberately tuned for them. So, instead of stalling their progress while they outride their kid’s bike – waiting to grow into an adult one – they can step things up sooner, and capitalize on the rubber bones and questionable judgement youth provides them.

With generous standover clearance, the Sight Youth 27.5’s immense descending capability, adept, sure-footed climbing and efficient pedaling are achieved with an optimized center of gravity within its long wheelbase, steep seat angle and precisely-tuned steering geometry.

The youth tune is taken to the next level with lighter springs and shock damping curves, with Ride Aligned™ kinematics providing 140mm rear and 150mm front travel for a more forgiving ride under lighter riders.

The Ride Aligned™ design system from Norco matches each individual bike to the human who rides it, creating a customized platform that is both stable and balanced, allowing the rider to push harder. We use individual rider metrics, precise suspension kinematics, and proprietary app technology to connect you to your ride experience like never before. Stop trying to squeeze into the same old frame of reference. Find your own angle.

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