New Bike Day: Mullet Cycles Honeymaker

The wait is over for a dedicated mixed-wheel hardtail

Co-founder of Mullet Cycles and Miles Wide Industries, Miles Schwartz, has been in the industry since 1997 and is 37 years young. Mike Vidovich is his partner and mastermind that taught him everything about the mixed wheel. At age 57, Mike is still an A-Level dirt bike rider, certified aircraft mechanic, and certified race tech suspension. Miles and Mike have spent the last 4 years devoting their time to designing these two mixed-wheel bikes. Now, they have launched their hardtail in aluminum known as, the Honeymaker.


The Honeymaker is now available and made with space-grade Aluminum. Sharing the same mixed wheel dedicated geometry as its Titanium cousin, the Mullet AL Honeymaker can only run 27.5R/29F wheels under Mullet’s exclusive D.B.G.™ (Dirt Bike Geometry).

The unique lines of the Mullet AL Honeymaker are welded together via precision Mechanical and Hydro-Formed Tubing. The E-Stay’s feature custom-designed Dropouts CNC’d from the ground up. This adds stiffness and longevity that’s needed for riders. The Honeymaker will even clear a tire of 3.0.

The Mullet™ AL Honeymaker is available in five exclusive WetTech™ paint colors. Mullet also offer a “RawDog” (complete raw finish) as an option. Mullet also offers a wide array of decals that are available from Candy to Glitter or even Reflective so you can be seen or unseen. The team also does also went above and beyond with their head badges. They are available in an array of precious metals. The new AL frames start at $1,000 before adding custom options. This is more exciting news coming next week from Mullet so make sure to stay keep a lookout on our site.


Why Mixed Wheel?

To be brief, we’ve used the handy bullet points to describe why Mullet is dedicated to creating bikes intended to be mixed wheel. Although the wrecking crew has yet to test a Mullet Honeymaker, we are eager to see if their bikes really follow this set of goals and benefits:

  • Larger Front-wheel – Superior rolling resistance, roll-over & traction
  • Smaller Rear Wheel – Quicker technical handling & acceleration
  • Better Cornering – Front & rear wheels work together for better turning performance & predictability
  • Better Geometry – Due to changes in axle path, improved scrub radius, and a 29/27.5 wheel combo, taking extreme measures with a frame’s geometry is not needed to compensate for a symmetrical wheel bike’s handling
  • Improved Descending – Slightly raised axle path decreases the bike’s chances from tipping forward during steep descents while handling turns faster
  • Faster Climbing – While still maintaining optimum ergonomic pedal position, a smaller rear wheel aids in acceleration during steep climbs and the front stays planted
  • Improved Hardtails & Full Suspension Performance – With the correct geometry & suspension design, a mixed wheel bike performs & handles better without having to overcompensate with extreme geometry and over-engineered suspension designs

More Info Checkout Mullet Cycles


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