New Brand – Eminent Cycles Launches Custom Bikes

A new brand, new suspension, custom online ordering.

Today, Eminent Cycles, announced the debut of both their brand and a groundbreaking new mountain bike model, the HASTE. The HASTE is a lightweight, carbon, enduro bike that brings several innovations to the table, including floating rear shock and rear brake. While Eminent’s founders, Kevin Sigismondo and Jeff Soncrant, note that the HASTE offers top-in-class performance, both contend that their brand is dedicated to more than merely building elite-level bikes.

“It’s more than simply owning a great bike,” says Sigismondo, “It’s about providing Eminent riders with an elite level of care. At Eminent, customer service doesn’t end when the bike is sold—that’s just the day it begins. Consumers can call us directly—and talk to an expert, here in our San Diego office—and get every question answered, every need taken care of. No delays. No hassles. No middlemen. Today, we’re bringing a new bike to the world, but we’re also introducing a new—and, yes, a better—kind of bike company.”


The HASTE was engineered to offer leading-edge pedaling efficiency on climbs and absolute control on the most technical of descents. The carbon chassis was designed to not only be lightweight, but also offer top-in-class, structural integrity and suspension compliance. The HASTE’s floating rear shock and brake mounts give the bike unrivaled sensitivity and control over rocks and roots.

“We could have taken the easy route and emulated one of the many designs already out there,” says Soncrant, “but we want peak performance. Starting with a clean slate let us create a new four-bar suspension design that’s stiff, transfers your energy into instant acceleration, climbs and descends well and simply performs great as an overall package.”



Eminent is a direct-to-consumer brand. Visitors to have their choice of an astounding range of suspension , brake, drivetrain, wheel and cockpit components. “We only offer premier parts in our bike-customizer program,” says Sigismondo. “But we also know how vital choice is to riders—they want something unique. That’s why we let them pick and choose the best components from the world’s best brands, including Fox Racing, Shimano, SRAM, Cane Creek, DT Swiss and Industry Nine.”

Each Eminent is professionally assembled and tuned in San Diego, subjected to a thorough inspection, and then delivered to consumers—95 percent assembled. Install the handlebars and front wheel, and the bike is ready to roll. Eminent will serve North American markets in 2018 and plans to expand to Europe by 2019.


Jeff Soncrant and Kevin Sigismondo have long histories in the bike industry, serving major roles at Giro, Bell Sports, Easton and Ride 100%.

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