New Cotic BFe 27.5″ Hardcore Hardtail

Cotic BFe 27.5″ Hardcore Hardtail

By Cotic Bikes

The BFe is our rowdiest hardtail. It can take everything you can throw at it, from BMX track laps to the steepest downhill lines. A BFe has been ridden everywhere, from the Megavalanche to Whistler. The 27.5″ wheels keep things lively and fun.

Want a pump track lapping, slalom winning berm railer? Plug in a 120mm fork for pinpoint accuracy. Looking for a singletrack slaying trail shredder? Go for 140mm. For downhill and enduro sending the BFe works with up to a 160mm fork. The BFe is a great value steel hardtail hooligan; enduro winning speed, dual slalom sharp handling, and hard-hitting capabilities.

They are available to order now, and the price remains £549 for the frame only. Customers can pay in full, leave a deposit (fully refundable) or just place a provisional order just to get first refusal. We’re fully flexible on this, but as mentioned above, given the demand on the other models lines it would be well worth people getting involved sooner rather than later.

The batch after this one isn’t currently slated to arrive until this time next year. Bikes are still broadly based on Silver (SLX), Gold (XT or Eagle GX) and Platinum (X01/eeWing), but again due to supply issues the specs are subject to change and price.

We’re always in touch with customers to update them on this situation, and because we assemble in the UK we pretty much always have an option to get people on their new bike, even if it means leaving the odd bit off the bike for the customer to source and reducing the price a little.



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