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Eye Grabbers are decals for your rims. They’re available in four different fluorescent colors and six reflective colors. They’re about 3 inches long, a half-inch wide and curved to go on your rims. You can increase your visibility to car headlights at night tremendously, as the stickers spin with your wheels to create a very visible profile, and they can be put on helmets as well to add visibility. Each 20-pack is $9.99.


Sam Hopkins was tired of the mess that many chain lubes make when applying them to chains, and he was also concerned for the environmental impact that petroleum-based lubes have. Bicycle owners apply nearly 6.3 million gallons of petroleum-based products to their bikes to lubricate their chains. To combat this, he created and is patenting a lanolin-based lube that is non-toxic and biodegradable. It contains no flammable vapors, PTFE or hazardous solvents. Eco Sheep comes in a container with a built-in applicator. If you’ve ever used rubber cement, you’ll recognize this container. It makes it easy to apply, and the can is made of a degradable metal, so every part of this product is environmentally friendly.


We think bells are a great idea when mountain biking. Often, when you’re coming down a trail hot, others don’t hear you coming until you’re right on top of them. Zip-tying a bell to your bars is an easy way to do this, though sometimes that sound gets tiring and makes it harder to hear what your friends are saying. Timber mountain bike bells give you the best of both worlds with a bell that can announce your approach when on or be silent when off. A bell with an on/off switch is such a simple idea, but we like it!


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