New Product Discovery: 100% Altec & Trajecta Helmets

100% Introduces the Altec & Trajecta Helmets featuring Smartshock

100%’s Two Newest Creations; the All-Mountain Altec® and Enduro Trajecta® Helmets, both Featuring Smartshock® Technology

100% is pleased to announce the addition of two new helmets to its fast-growing mountain bike line.

The Altec® is the advanced rider’s choice for a confidence-inspiring, protective and ventilated all-mountain helmet. The Trajecta® is 100%’s solution for stylish, class-leading performance and safety features in an enduro helmet.

Both helmets were conceived from the start with full integration of the Smartshock® Suspended Rotational System.

Traditional bicycle helmets are designed to provide direct, straight on impact protection. But in real life, most cyclists experience oblique, angular impacts that produce both rotational acceleration and deceleration forces on our brain.


The Smartshock® suspended rotational system improves protection by immediately compressing and absorbing direct impacts but also allows the helmet liner to move independently from the outer shell, thus reducing energy transfer to the brain over a wide range of speed and impact types.

Smartshock® is quite simply the newest, most advanced, intelligent, fully suspended rotational system for your brain. Learn more.

Discover both the Altec and the Trajecta Helmet Collections.


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