New Product: Aenomaly SwitchGrade

New Product: Aenomaly SwitchGrade

Trails aren’t flat so why should your saddle be?


Aenomaly Constructs is a new name to hit the industry with an innovative product called – The SwitchGrade. The Founder, Noel Dolotallas, first thought of the concept that was sketched in a  little black book of his ideas dating back to 1997.  These ideas were conceived on the rowdy trails of Fromme, tested in Whistler, Squamish, and the Fraser Valley. The current product has been in development over a 3 year period.  Is this something that is a must-have? Or is this a niche product for a problem that we have yet to address?

As the founder, Noel Dolotallas explained, “Compatibility was a fundamental part of the design criteria from the start.”

The SwitchGrade is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Seatposts and saddles. It is cut from a solid billet of 6061 T6 aluminum and be run with the lever facing forward or rearward for a  low-profile. The short stack height design enables even the lowest slung saddles to fit without snagging. The Aenomaly crew designed the SwitchGrade to help save energy while climbing in-between stages and then can be used for those that equally want to save their legs for the fun of bombing downhill. Here are the three main concepts:

  1. CLIMB: Tilting the saddle nose down to create a level platform to counter steep grades and offset slackening seat tube angles caused by suspension sag. In theory – will improve traction, keep the front wheel weighted, and spin up in comfort.
  2. DESCEND: Pivoting the saddle nose up (like we tend to see with pro-DH and enduro racers) should add control and more room to maneuver your bike underneath you. Ideal to help steer with added precision through berms, in the air, and down the rowdy lines that were tested during product development.
  3. RIDE: Help set the best position to keep the saddle level for rolling terrain and be ready for anything. Should help say goodbye to numbness and pain while changing saddle tilt on-the-fly. As Aenomaly states, “up for the steeps, or down for the climbs, level for good times.”

We have yet to get our hands on the SwitchGrade as the Aenomaly team is in the final rounds of testing for a proposed Launch in Spring 2021. More info to come as we hope to put one up to the test and see how beneficially this new product is out on the trails!

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