New Product Discovery: Milkit Booster Tubeless Tire Inflation Tool

Milkit Booster Tubeless Tire Inflation Tool

Those of us who have tried to re-bead a tubeless tire on the trail know it is a futile effort, so we agree that the milKit Booster portable tubeless bead seater is a really good idea. Although you might never need it, having a portable air can in the race pits or in your traveling toolbox makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, we have mixed feelings about this portable bead seater’s performance.

MilKit claims it “works with all Presta valves, with or without a valve core.” We were able to get our tire bead to seat with our stock valve stem core removed, but we were unsuccessful with the core remaining in the valve. Using the proprietary milKit tubeless valves is recommended, but they are sold separately and not included with the Booster.

The air canister is lightweight aluminum and can double as a water bottle that is sized to fit on your bike’s bottle cage. All you do is replace the booster head with the accessory drinking bottle cap that comes included in the kit. Our question is, how would you inflate the Booster bottle to 160 pounds of pressure on the trail?

With an air compressor or decent floor pump, it works well, but using a mountain bike hand pump seems unreasonable for achieving that kind of pressure. The company recommends that the milKit not be stored pressurized, but we are assuming it is okay for the duration of a ride; otherwise, what is the point? The milKit Booster costs $48 MSRP for the small .6-liter/20-ounce model and $50 for the larger, 1-liter/34-ounce model.



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