New Product Discovery: Nukeproof’s Sam Hill Signature Enduro Pedal

Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature Enduro Pedal

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The question every interviewer asks Sam on his decision to switch to enduro; “Are you going to clip in?” Sam’s response was always the same “Nah”.


Jacy Shumilak


Look beyond the stages and towards the back of the team pits, you may see a man that has been an integral part to Sam’s success. A man that has been by Sam’s side nearly all his career; Jacy Shumilak. Much more than just a “mechanic” to Sam, he’s a friend and the two share an almost Jedi like method of communication when it comes to setting up the race bike. In Jacy skills, Sam can find that extra degree of confidence that every time he breaks that start line he’s on the fastest, most dialed machine possible.


 Beyond the normal tools of the trade, Jacy is always working with Sam for the smallest advantage. If you study Sam’s bike, you will notice a few little quirks; often influenced by moto and refinements to product ergonomics to suit Sam’s quest for that ultimate comfort on the bike and performance. This is the starting point for the Sam Hill Enduro Pedal.


Sam, Jacy and Nigel Page (Team CRC Manager) lead the development of our ultra-successful Horizon flat pedal (the pedal that bears Sam’s name). The pedal was originally conceived to offer the best platform for gravity/ downhill racing. The switch to enduro raised the opportunity to refine the pedal to suit the demands of enduro (longer stages with more pedaling and chances of clipping trail debris). Fettling in his workshop Jacy started removing some excess surfaces to give the pedals more clearance whilst crucially keeping a supportive platform and the same pin placement.

Jacy & Sam


After numerous races on the original “filled” prototypes, Jacy and Sam passed our R&D department a set to see if we could refine and perfect a new “enduro” platform version of the pedal. At the time there wasn’t a plan for a production update. The Horizon Pro pedals have been one of our most successful products, gaining numerous industry accolades and a firm riders favorite. But the chance to re-engineer our pedals using the knowledge and experience of the world’s fastest flat pedal merchant is a very special project and opportunity, one not to be missed.

After 2 years of development and prototyping, the result is a fully redesigned pedal body. The new Horizon Enduro retains the same pedal feel, strength and crucially pin placement for ultimate grip and confidence and vastly improved pedals strike clearance. A by-result of this was also shedding 23g of weight (per pedal).

The new Horizon Enduro Pedals as per Sam’s original prototypes has an all-new sleeker profile with outer edges sculptured to help clearance on even the most demanding EWS stage. To ensure the pedal retains the same award-winning feel of the Horizon Pro pedal the concaved footbed is exactly the same ensuring comfort and control for even the longest stages. The new Horizon Enduro pedal body is 111mm x 99mm.
As per the Horizon Pro all the pins are located in the same position on the new Horizon Enduro Pedal thanks to re-engineering the pedal body. 6 height adjustable pins (adjusted via adding or removing washers under the outside pins) and 4 removable grub pins, all of which can be adjusted or removed to personalize the feel of your pedal and dial in the perfect pedal set up.
As with all Nukeproof pedals, they are fully serviceable, the proven internal sealed bearing is retained with a full range of spares available to maintain the performance over the pedals lifetime. The 6061-T6 aluminum body is forged and spins on high-quality DU bushings with 2 sealed cartridge bearings to help spread the loads from heavy impacts. A lip seal between the axle and pedal body to enhance the longevity of the pedal reducing water and dirt getting into the pedal.
The Horizon Enduro pedal is CNC machined polished finished, so your pedal still looks fresh after months of trail abuse.
The Sam Hill Horizon Enduro is a true signature product, designed and developed with Sam and the team. The pedal has been extensively tested with prototypes dating back to the middle of 2018 and the final design being used for all of the successful 2019 seasons. Sam Hill’s Signature Horizon Enduro pedals are the ultimate flat pedal for any trail or Enduro Rider/ racer.
Ultimately the new Enduro Pedal proves that flat pedal does win medals. 
Sam Hill Enduro Pedal:  SRP £85
Sam Hill Enduro Pedal Ti Axle:   SRP £160 
Weight:  407g Per Pair (Steal axle)



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