New Product Discovery: RoadwareZ “Smart” Blue Tooth Enabled Cycling Backpack

RoadwareZ “Smart” Blue Tooth Enabled Cycling Backpack

Product information provided by RoadwareZ

The holiday shopping season will be ramping up soon, and, this means many shoppers will be faced with the challenge of trying to find some out-of-the-box, non-traditional and unique gifts for their loves one.  Of course, this is why so many shoppers will scour through hundreds of cool tech tools (since tech is the top ranked category for gift giving according to Best Buy).

But now couple this with the fact that both adults and kids alike still love to see a big shiny bike on their holiday list, or, even the fact that there are now more than 47.5 million bikers on the road who are pedaling to Go Green or to avoid heavy traffic jams or simply because they enjoy the recreational side and fun benefits of cycling. But with so many bikers on the road, they still need innovative ways to stay safe especially since there are 45,000 reported cycling accidents each year.

This is why I want to introduce you to a real game changer for your 2019 Holiday Gift Guide:

RoadwareZ offers an innovative integration of technology and wearables with the world’s first and only digital IoT Smart Backpack and App that gives bikers some cool car safety features while on the road. The backpack technology includes the largest number of safe, smart, and social features in one compact, functional and fashionable product. The features of the backpack allow cyclists to enjoy some of similar safety features found in cars like:

·         Continuous day and night digital lighting (like cars have headlights) so that bikers can always be visible while on the road

·         Automated, visual digital turn signals and brake lighting

·         GPS tracking and navigation that takes riders through the safest routes, is shareable with other riders, friends, family and integrates with all popular social sites

·Automated emergency notification system that will send SMS messages to your pre-programmed contacts and provide your exact location

·         Built-in microphone to activate hands-free voice control features

·         Blue tooth connectivity with your smart phone

Four years ago, when traveling in South America, RoadwareZ founder, Yeshaya Krispin, witnessed a fatal cycling accident. Yeshaya became determined to make cycling safer for everyone. Combining his passion for technology with his apparel manufacturing background, he created RoadwareZ , a company that is committed to the development of technological solutions and consumer products to improve cyclist safety, experience and performance. The RoadwareZ Bluetooth integrated backpacks will make cycling safer for those who use them. Unlike other LED-enabled cycling backpacks, Roadwarez backpacks have integrated GPS navigation and mapping making turn-signalling automatic and not a distraction to the cyclist.

The RoadwareZ collection includes the following products:

·         Road Warrior

·         Road Tracker

·         Smart City Pack

·         Bag Cruiser

All available in 4 colors and retail for $249.99

Available on and Amazon.


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