New Product Launch and Review: Bontrager’s New Carbon LINE PRO 30 Wheels

 Bontrager’s Carbon LINE PRO 30 Wheels

The new Line Pro 30 wheels have an internal width of 29mm, and are laced with straight pull spoke to Bontrager’s Rapid Drive 108 hubs.


The MBA wrecking crew has tested numerous types of wheels from brands throughout the industry. Wheels are a highly desirable upgrade for almost any rider, and we know that all the options on the market make it tough to narrow down your choices. Generally, riders want to have wheels that can be used in a range of disciplines, they are lightweight, reliable, and a good value. To satisfy this demand, Bontrager has made updates to its Line Pro 30 carbon wheels, which are intended for all-mountain and enduro riders. This month we gave the new Bontrager Line Pro 30s an extended review.

The wider hook contributes to a larger outside hook radius that helps spread the forces of sharp impacts across a larger surface area. This is great for aiding is pinch flat resistance.

Tech info:

The Line Pro 30 features Bontrager’s OCLV (Optimum Compaction Low Void) Pro Carbon layup that has this complete wheelset sitting on the scale at 1760 grams (810 grams front, 950 gram rear). To create a more robust carbon construction, Bontrager claims they nearly maxed out their impact machine in the development of the all-new Line wheels. Bontrager is only offering the Pro 30 with
Boost spacing (110mm front/148mm rear), and the wheels will come out of the box with the SRAM XD freehub body. The hoops feature a wide, 29mm inner rim width with a shallow 27mm rim depth and are offered in either a 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheel size. Both hubs have straight-pull spokes, while the rear hub highlights a Rapid Drive 108 that supplies 3.3 degrees of engagement. All these features packed into the Pro 30 wheelset add up to a total of $1,299. If that price made your jaw drop, there is also a Line Elite 30 that will be offered at $899 but will not have the latest OCLV Pro carbon or the overall lighter weight. When the wheels arrived ready for tubeless tires with pre-installed tape and valves, we were eager to throw on some fresh rubber and hit the trails.

On the trail:

Since some of the tedious tubeless system was already completed when we pulled the Line Pro 30s out of their box, the tire installation was a breeze. We ran two different brands of tires during our testing. We chose some Bontrager XR5s and WTB Riddlers, both of which were simple to take off and seal back on the rim’s hook-bead design. When the Pro 30s finally met the dirt, we instantly noticed how smoothly the bearings and engagement operated. With such great first signs, we put our test wheels through our Southern California proving grounds with confidence. Our wheelset held up well on the rutted-out fire roads and technical singletrack you are most likely to find on all-mountain and enduro trails. When it came to rough terrain and larger hits, the carbon construction offered a comfortable mix of impact absorption and compliance. Despite long runs slapping corners and hurtling through rock gardens, we never needed to put these wheels in a truing stand. The new updates to the Line Pro 30 wheels impressed us. We appreciated the ride quality and durability at a price that will appeal to riders looking for a dependable carbon-wheel upgrade.

Need a new set of wheels? For more info make sure to pop over to Trek’s site for more info.


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