New Product: PRO Tools and Pumps

New Product: PRO Tools and Pumps

*** Shimano Press Release ***

PRO broadens its range of premium pumps and tools with new functional technologies, refined ergonomics, and upgraded durability across the lineup. Highlights of the expanded range feature two new torque wrenches including the swanky Team Digital Torque Wrench with LCD digital display and the Mini Torque Wrench with interchangeable bits and preset torque keys. PRO also introduces new workshop tools with the 3-way Delta Wrench and its 13 interchangeable bits as well as the new Cassette Tool that is compatible with both 10- and 11-tooth cogs for modern road and mountain bike cassettes. Finally, PRO refines its lineup of floor pumps featuring a new Team Floor Pump model with dual gauge technology that offers optimized pressure ranges for both on and off-road setups in a single gauge.








Team Digital Torque Wrench

A lavish addition to any mechanic’s toolbox, PRO’s Team Digital Torque Wrench features an LCD digital display with a wide 1-20 Nm range suited for nearly every bolt on a bike shy of the bottom bracket. The ratchet-style wrench delivers intuitive functionality and offers both visual and audio feedback for precision. The digital screen displays actual torque measurements in real-time, and a two-stage tone sounds first as you approach, and then when you reach the preset torque setting. Nine tool bits are included with the Team Digital Torque Wrench as well as a replaceable battery.

• 1-20 Nm Range
• LCD Digital Display
• 9 Tools Bits Included
• Replaceable Battery
• MSRP $250


Team Floor Pump

With a dual pressure gauge that covers a 0-140 psi pressure range, the all-new PRO Team Floor Pump delivers optimized pressure readings for both on and off-road riders. High-volume pressures for mountain
bikers and gravel riders are displayed in an expanded 0-40 psi range with smaller numerical increments for more precise pressure readings. After reaching 40 psi, the pump transitions to larger numerical steps and a wider range of pressures for the high-pressure needs of road and track riders.
• Dual Gauge Technology
• Alloy Pump Body
• Universal Head for Presta or Schrader
• MSRP $115

Team Digital Floor Pump

Newly updated with PRO’s ergo-fit handle, the Team Digital Floor Pump offers improved grip and comfort. The pump also features PRO’s new Universal Head that auto-adjusts between Schrader and Presta capabilities. The pump’s digital gauge provides precise pressure measurements with an accuracy of 2%.
• Ergo-Fit Handle
• Universal Head
• Digital Gauge
• MSRP $100

Competition Floor Pump

Utilizing a redesigned Dual Head design, the Competition Floor Pump delivers reliable and intuitive inflation for all riders. The ergonomically shaped handle is built for comfort, and a larger hose provides 12% more volume so riders can quickly pump their tires and be out the door in seconds.
• Ergo-Fit Handle
• Dual Head
• Larger Hose
• MSRP $40

Mini Torque Wrench

PRO’s Mini Torque Wrench packs versatility and function into a tidy, stylish package for professional and home mechanics alike. Three preset torque inserts are included with 4, 5, and 6 Nm settings as well as six tool bits that will handle your most common wrenching needs. The Mini Torque Wrench’s bits and inserts stash neatly in the tool’s magnetic handle for safe storage and quick access.
• Compact 3.5-Inch Design
• Magnetic Handle Closure
• Preset 4, 5, 6 Nm Inserts
• Six Tool Bits
• MSRP $65

Team Delta Wrench

With removable and replaceable tool bits, the new PRO Team Delta Wrench elevates the convenience and versatility of a 3-way wrench and allows mechanics to design and redesign their perfect combination
of tools. Choose from 13 replaceable bits for different projects and easily swap between bits whenever you need. The Delta Wrench’s alloy body and hardened steel bits deliver strong, durable performance for any bike project.
• 3-Way Wrench
• 13 Replaceable Bits
• Alloy Body
• Hardened Steel Bits
• MSRP $40

Cassette Wrench

Ditch the chain whip this year and upgrade to a clean, secure solution with PRO’s new Cassette Wrench. The dual-sided wrench is compatible with both 10- and 11-tooth cogs for versatility across both road and mountain bike cassettes. The notches on each side of the wrench seamlessly slot into the smallest cog for a secure grip when loosening a cassette from the wheel’s freehub body.

• Dual Sided
• Compatible with 10/11-tooth cogs
• No slip handle
• MSRP $35

Chain Tool

Employing trickledown technology from its Team Chain Tools, PRO delivers two impressively affordable new chain tools that are designed for use with a wide range of drivetrains. One tool works with 1-9 speed chains while the other is dedicated to 9-12 speed chains. Each compatibility range is printed directly on the tool itself to help prevent misuse or confusion.
• Compatible with 1 through 9-speed chains
• MSRP $25
• Compatible with 9 through 12-speed chains
• MSRP $30

Fine Adjustment Screwdriver Set

For those hard-to-reach, fine adjustments, PRO’s set of new screwdrivers offers a clean, functional solution for the trickiest jobs. The Fine Adjustment Screwdriver Set comes with 2mm Hex, Torx T10, SL4 flat, and PH2 Phillips heads, and ergonomically designed bodies for secure grip and added durability.
• Set of 4 Screwdrivers
• 2mm Hex, Torx T10, SL4 flat, and PH2 phillips
• MSRP $30

Mini Tools 6/10 Function

For an optimal blend of convenience and function, the newly updated PRO Mini Tool 6 and Mini
Tool 10 include an improved design packed with the most critical tools needed for making basic
bike adjustments and fixing minor problems while out riding.
• Six Functions
o 3/4/5/6 Hex, PH2, Flat Screwdriver
o MSRP $12
• Ten Functions:
o 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8 Hex, T25, PH2, Flat
o MSRP $15


We’re here to put the right bits in the right hands. Our purpose is to design, prototype, test,
modify, improve, and fine-tune those elements on your bike that enable your achievements. The
best products and services are always created in a continuous cycle of ideas, input, and
feedback from riders, designers, and engineers. Based on this collective intelligence, we push
our products to – and often beyond – their limits so riders can do the same, on the world’s roads,
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