New Products: WTB’s New Vigilante 29+ Tire

WTB’s New Vigilante 29+ Tire

The Vigilante 2.8 tire is now available in a 29″ diameter. This may seem like nothing more than an additional size option to an already existing tire offering, but it represents more than that. It’s an addition to the 29+ market, which currently has few options in terms of aggressive tread patterns. The available options are even more minimal if you’re looking for a 29+ tire with a durable and supportive casing. The Vigilante 2.8 29″ fills this void.

Need convincing that plus-size tires greatly benefit from TCS Tough
dual-ply casings?

The Vigilante 2.8 29″ tire is available in three different levels including Tough/High Grip, Tough/Fast Rolling, and Light/High Grip with Slash Guard sidewall protection. Both TCS Tough levels share an MSRP of $83.95, while the TCS Light with Slash Guard level carries an MSRP of $72.95. Excluding the TCS Tough/High Grip level, Vigilante 2.8 29″ tires are currently available in North America. TCS Tough/High Grip will be in stock next month, at the beginning of July.


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