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2014 Products from Shimano

Shimano has reacted promptly to riding trends and interest in larger wheel mountain bikes and has come to market with products for 27.5″ and 29″ mountain bikes. The company will now offer multiple 27.5″ mountain bike wheels at various price points and new big wheel friendly additions include new Dyna-sys Deore XT and SLX components. […]

Product Test: Halo V Velcro Headband

Sweat can turn the most expensive sunglasses into blinders. The alternative to throwing your glasses into a pocket is managing your sweat. Halo has come up with a much better solution than spraying antiperspirant onto your forehead. It’s the $14.95 Halo V Velcro headband. Tech features: The made-in-the-USA Halo V Velcro uses a Dryline fabric […]

Niner Now Including IMBA Membership With Bike Purchase

The guys at Niner bikes are just as concerned about trail access as any rider out there, and they’re doing their part with this latest promotion. We applaud their efforts. Niner is sweetening the deal for riders willing to set up to a R.I.P. 9 RDO with SRAM XX1.  Showing their support for the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), Niner will included an […]

SRAM introduces fat bike specific cranks

With the growing popularity of fat bikes, SRAM has released cranksets specifically designed to work with extra wide tires. The cranks feature a 100 millimeter spindle and are available in two crank arm lengths, 170- and 175-millimeter. The X5 retail for $169 and the X7 go for $314.  The SRAM X9 and X5 cranks have […]

Bike Test: Yeti SB-66 Carbon

Many riders believe that Yeti is a Colorado company through and through. They overlook the fact that the ocompany was originally founded in Agoura Hills, California, by Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member John Parker when mountain biking was in its infancy. The current company is a whole new crew, but they’re just as passionate […]

Bike Test: Cannondale F29 3

While full-suspension bikes have become popular in cross-country racing, hardtails still have an important place in the world of mountain biking. They are easy to maintain, incredibly efficient on fast and smooth trails, cost less than their full-suspension counterparts, and can teach valuable skills by forcing riders to choose their lines carefully. Cannondale’s F29 may […]

Product Test: Continental Race King Tire

Continental has been making bicycle tires for over a century. The German company was founded in Hanover, Germany, as a soft-rubber manufacturer for bicycles and carriages. The Race King is heralded as the first in Conti’s lineup to use the newest technology. Tech features: The Race King is the lightest and fastest-rolling performance mountain tire […]

New Shock Tuning Options for Cane Creek Double Barrel Users

Feeling like you’re not getting the most from your rear suspension? As an additional tuning tool, the spring rate of the DBAIR can be adjusted through the use of air volume reduction spacers (included with the DBAIR).   For bikes that have a more progressive leverage ratio, Cane Creek now offers new XV (Extra Volume) […]

Product Test: Spank Spike Race Stem and 777 Evo Handlebar

Good vibrations: Spank knows that simply building the widest bar isn’t the way to build the best bar. The Spike 777 EVO’s wide profile and shape feel perfect right from the start. It also feels better at damping vibration than other aluminum bars we’ve tested.  Spank first launched about a decade ago as the brain-child of […]

Bike Test: Transition TR250

While we love to watch World Cup downhill racers smash down gnarly terrain on the edge of losing it, most riders’ experience at the local bike park is a far cry from that scenario. If you are like us, you gravitate toward the trails that have the most fun features: jumps, technical but not necessarily […]

Product Test: Specialized Dissident DH Helmet

Specialized makes some of our favorite trail helmets, yet at the same time, they didn’t seem to have a large presence in the full-face, gravity helmet world. The big “S” is looking to change that with the Dissident helmet. Tech features: The Dissident helmet is constructed of a carbon fiber shell. It features Specialized’s “4th […]

Product Test: Avid X0 Trail Brakes

The line between trailbikes and all-mountain bikes is getting blurrier every year. New pedaling platform technologies and approaches to geometry have pushed the length of travel acceptable for a “trailbike.” These do-it-all bikes are becom-ing the norm, and riders expect components that can handle the rigors of aggressive trail riding without the weight penalty. Avid […]

Bike Test: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR Carbon 29

If you are steadying yourself because you already saw the $9900 price tag, take a deep breath. Specialized offers the Stumpjumper FSR 29 and 26-inch-wheeled versions at various price points. Specialized didn’t build the S-Works to hit a predetermined budget; instead, they built this bike to see how far they could push the boundaries of […]

Bike Test: Intense Carbine 275

Yep, that’s better: While the larger wheels would kill the handling of a normal bike, the Carbine is ripe for the change. We were skeptical when we heard about it, but were impressed with the changes the new hoops make.  Intense takes a lot of pride in being an American company. Their production has always been […]

Mountain Bike Action Tech: Unlocking the Secrets of Platform Suspension

Different lines: Every rear-suspension design (and the execution of the design) has a different take on how to give the rider a firm suspension for pedaling while still softening up enough for taking the hits. Knowing how to ride each one can unlock their hidden performance and make you a better rider.   Longer-travel trailbikes have […]

Kore Joins the XX1 Crowd With An All-New Wheelset

We haven’t put enough miles on SRAM’s new XX1 group to determine it’s the ultimate mountain bike setup, but we have ridden it enough to say that it’s going to change the game a little bit. Kore mountain bike components is joining the small group of component manufacturers who make an XX1 compatible freehub with […]

Product Test: Alpinestars Gravity Gear

Alpinestars seems to deal in all things fast—from F1, NASCAR and Rally to Supercross, GP racing and everything in between. So, it’s only logical that this knowledge would trickle down to the realm of downhill mountain bike racing. We kitted up and hit the lifts. Tech features: As the name implies, the Gravity 3/4 jersey […]

Bike Test: Felt Edict Nine LTD 29er

The year 2013 is an important year for Felt Bicycles. With the introduction of several brand-new and redesigned models, the Southern California-based company is making yet another big push. Back in 2009, Felt Bicycles was one of the first companies to introduce a carbon fiber 29er. This year, they are again pushing the boundaries in […]

Product Test: DZR Dice Shoes

DZR was born out of a passion for cycling—be it on singletrack in the backcountry or through the streets of San Francisco. These guys are all about putting two wheels on the ground and pedaling them. While most of their shoes are designed for the pavement, the Dice shoes are their high-performance mountain bike model. […]

Bike Test: Foes Shaver 29

Brent Foes didn’t set out to be a bike manufacturer. Nearly 20 years ago, after a number of years as a professional motocross racer and then designing and building off-road race trucks, he looked at the state of mountain bike designs and thought that he could do better. Drawing from his design and engineering experience, […]

Product Test: Living with the Quarq Power Meter

Racers are always looking for an edge—the lightest equipment, the shortest lines around the track, the perfect pre-race routine and, most important, the proper workouts. But, how do you gauge your progress? For many riders, it’s the results on race day. However, if you are a serious racer who doesn’t like to leave much unknown […]

Product Test: Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Mavic is one of the oldest bicycle component companies still operating. They arguably have more experience building bike wheels than anyone else in the world. The company was founded in 1889 as a nickel-plating business specializing in spare bicycle parts. Today, they make the wheels for a laundry list of the best athletes, spanning every […]

Product Test: Lazer Oasiz Helmet with GoPro Mount

Eye in the sky: The Lazer GoPro mount positions the camera where its weight is least noticeable and the vantage point gives it a good filming angle. Lazer Helmets, Mr. Brian Lopes’ lid provider of choice, has added a feature to their Oasiz trail rider’s helmet. In addition to all the Oasiz’ key features, Lazer […]