Nino Schurter and Team Scott-Odlo Hunt For Glory


Being on a professional MTB team, there is a lot of travelling involved before and during race time. Nino Schurter and SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing spent a decent amount of time in South Africa and California preparing for the upcoming World Cup season, which starts this coming weekend in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

South Africa is where the team heads every year to start their season. Unlike recent years, Nino Schurter kicked-off the pre-olympic race season at the Bonelli US CUP and the Sea Otter Classic in California. “At Sea Otter, my team mate Jenny Rissveds and I competed in four races, and it resulted in 4 podiums. It was a very cool experience to race in California and definitely felt good to bike where MTB was born,” Nino says.

b0f73657-ebdc-42fc-817e-fcba5fed10c3Chapter 2 – “On the Go” gives an inside view into the team`s life and all the preparation professional racing requires. “Everything we do in 2015 has just one goal: to be the most fit possible for the Olympic Race in Rio in 2016.”

The Story of N1NO – The Hunt for Glory
Nino Schurter belongs on the list of the most successful mountain bike athletes in history. The UCI MTB World Cup dominator is the leader of SCOTT Odlo MTB Racing, the international XC team run by bike legend Thomas Frischknecht.

“N1NO – The Hunt for Glory” is Nino`s first set of webisodes. The new video series features various chapters illustrating Nino`s colorful life as a professional mountain bike athlete during the pre-olympic year. It´s not only about how Nino prepares for the biggest goal of his career, the gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, but it‘s also about shredding trails, travelling around the world, and all the fun that mountain biking brings.

One month ago, Nino Schurter released “Work hard, Play hard”, the first chapter of his new webisode “N1NO – The Hunt for Glory”. 2015 is the pre-olympic year and the 3 time XC World Champion is about to prepare for the biggest goal of his career, the gold medal in Rio. Work hard, Play hard gives an excellent inside view of how he trains and prepares for the season. “On the Go” gives you a look into the team`s life and all the preparation professional racing requires.

“As an athlete I have the privilege of traveling around the world to ride my bike in some of the most beautiful places. Chapter 2 “On the Go” is all about that.


Nino Schurter,
SCOTT Odlo MTB Racing Team
The Film Crew – High Quality and post production
The film crew in charge for the production is Christophe Margot – CINEMARGOT, Nicolas Jutzi & Team. Messieurs is in charge for all the after effects and digital art work. You`ll also see external support with film crews from around the globe such as Johan Badenhorst Cape Town / South Africa and Clay Porter in California.  “On the Go” was mainly filmed by Clay Porter and John Reynolds of Metis Creative.

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