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What On Earth Is This?

A recent Cannondale advertisement that appears on our website uses a graphic treatment on the photo that turns the action into a brain teaser. Can you figure out what is happening here? Hint: The bike is at the bottom of the photo and it is being whipped. The photo is not shown on their website, […]

Aaron sees where he’s heading and starts to react

Aaron turns his front wheel to get himself back onto the course, but he’s still in the air, so his trajectory isn’t changing yet. I haven’t moved yet, but I’m quickly realizing that I need to get out of the way. Still, I keep my finger on the motor drive a little longer.

Close, but no collision

Luckily for me, Aaron avoided me and the rest of the crowd and kept going down the course. Aaron’s last second course correction, possibly combined with my jumping back at the last split-second, kept him and me from getting wiped out in a crash. Once he went past, I jumped back to the tape to […]

This doesn’t look good

Aaron appears to be heading straight for the spectators just up the hill from where I am standing. It’s looking like I have to move pretty soon. Keep in mind though, that when the camera is motor-driving pictures at high speed, I can’t see through the lens very well. When the motordrive is firing, I […]

Idaho Riders Officially Get Their Own License Plates

2The state of Idaho will be the first in the nation to offer a mountain bike license plate. The plate will cost $35 and $25 to renew with $22 of the proceeds ($12 for renewals) being used to fund mountain bike trail building and improvement projects. It is up to the Idaho Department of Parks […]

Great News Feature On Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park

Yahoo! News’ Weekend Edition did a really sweet piece on Ray’s Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio. Reporter and newbie mountain biker, Harry Hurt, takes to Ray’s and shows why this place attracts experienced and new riders as the Ray’s gang has him riding the park like an old pro. Check out the coverage by […]

Forget about going riding this day

Professional mountain biker Jeff Lenosky and I had planned to shoot some mountain bike photos in the snow in New Jersey, on Monday, December 27th, while I was there visiting my mom for Christmas. When Jeff and I had made our plans, the weather forecasters were saying that we would get 4 to 6 inches […]

USA Cycling Announces 2011 National Championships

USA Cycling, the organization that sanctions national cycling events, announced four separate race events that will crown the 2011 national mountain biking champions. Please note that in previous years, the dates and locations announced by USA Cycling have been changed after their publication. Smart racers will check back to see if changes are made.2011 USA […]

Ray Petro of Ray’s MTB samples the Santos Trails

Ray Petro, who designed the Ray’s MTB park in Cleveland, Ohio, loves to get in a fun mountain bike ride whenever he can. Ray was responsible for getting the MBA wrecking crew to Florida to check out the trails in the Santos/Ocala area. For those who don’t know the story of Ray’s MTB in Cleveland, […]

Fun riding

MBA editor Jimmy Mac leads Jeff Lenosky and Ray “Ray’s Indoor” Petro through the trees on a winter day in Ocala. Our destination story on this perfect winter escape is in the May 2010 issue. You can get a copy, and other back issues, by calling (800) 767-0345.

Lance Trappe

Lance Trappe does a stylish wheelie down a neat section of the Santo trail system. Lance is an all-around great mountain bike rider. Not too long ago, he set the Guiness World Record for consecutive front wheel hops on his mountain bike: 108. If you want to Google his name, you should be able to […]

Santos Trailhead sign

We expected all the trails in Florida to be flat and sandy. We were pleasantly surprised by the Santos trail system, which has novice, intermediate, and expert trails. And they’re not lying—they really do. They even have some cliffs in the park that are probably 20-or-more-feet high, with big drops that pro downhillers might enjoy. […]

KHS’ 2011 Gravity Team Roster

As the new year approaches, some major moves have been announced for next season’s race teams. The KHS Factory Team roster was just announced, and one notable addition was made to the lineup, plus one large omission from the roster. Nineteen-year-old Kevin Aiello makes the move from GT to over KHS, and will be contesting […]

Pedals Vs Throttle And A Surprise Winner

Ever wondered who would win between a World Champion downhiller and a World Enduro Champion motorcycle racer if they faced off on a legendary downhill mountain bike course? Us neither. However, if there are Red Bull logos on the helmets of the participants, you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind setting for competition. Reigning World Cup downhill champion, […]