BMC fourstroke 01 XTR Di2 – $13,000

Just wanted to add my perspective regarding the never-ending debate over expensive bike reviews. I started riding in Marin County during my last year at Redwood High School (Gary Fisher’s alma mater). It was 1977; everyone still called ’em “klunkers.”

I’ve owned lots of mountain bikes since then. I understand that many of your readers are new to the sport, and for them, entry-level bike reviews are a must. Those reviews are useful, and, heck, I like reading them too!

However, as I write this, I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. There aren’t any mountain bike magazines in here, so I grabbed a recent copy of Motor Trend to kill the time. Sure, there were reviews of some affordable SUVs, but I immediately turned to the articles on the $279,000 McLaren and the $289,000 Lamborghini—cars I’ll never own. But, it sure is fun to read about the latest and greatest!

Read MBA’s Review on The Kona Process 

Same goes with bikes. I’ve got a Kona Process, which I don’t intend to replace any time soon. When MBA shows up every month, sure, I read the affordable bike reviews. But, as a long-time cyclist, I find reviews of gadgets and accessories really useful, and the reviews of $10,000 superbikes are a blast! I love reading about cutting-edge technology. It hints at the future of mountain biking and gives us an idea of what might trickle down someday. 

So, please keep giving us a glimpse of the unobtainable! It’s a little bit like that section of trail that seems unrideable, but, with a little patience, might one day be in your grasp!

Randy Victory
Middletown CT


Jen Malik (L) and Nikki Peterson (R) KS-Kenda Elite Women’s Mountain Bike Team

I’m sitting here at my daughter’s swim team lessons with this sweet magazine in my hand. I love the big pictures too. If the advertisers want to bow out, so be it. I still love reading and having a tangible thing in my hands, so much so that I would even be open to paying more for just the articles with no “ungrateful” ads! Kind of like paying more for Pandora streaming service without the annoying commercials. Just an idea. Keep up the good work, and great to see your articles back in the mag. 

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Mike DeMarco
Corona, CA 


I’m a key demographic for advertisers—47 years old, high income. I recently bought a mountain bike and will buy another nice one soon, because I am constantly buying parts. Also, I am the president of a bike club with 27 members, and we buy a lot of gear, parts, spares and even bikes. I’m in the market for a drivetrain and pulling the trigger shortly. I think I’ll go with a Box 11-speed instead of the SRAM. Need some tires too; probably a dozen for the club. I’ll split the order between Maxxis and CST. Good luck in a tough business.

Ben M.

“Trailgrams” tip of the month: Look where you want to go and your bike will follow. 

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