This isn't a mountain bike race, but a lot of mountain bikers with BMX backgrounds are expected to show up

(Image copyrighted, used courtesy of Dirtyfest)

Mountain bikers with a 1980s BMX background might want to consider coming to the Dirtyfest event in Temecula, California, Friday through Sunday, April 28th to 30th.

In addition to an old-school, downhill BMX race (no multi-geared bikes allowed), a swap meet, a foot-down contest, and some other fun activities, this looks like it’s going to be a major reunion of BMX and freestyle legends of the 1980s.

Below, you can see the course design for the track, which was designed by Eric Carter. Eric has a pretty amazing list of accomplishments, including the following titles:

22 times National Champion (BMX-MTB)
5 times World Champion (BMX-MTB)
2 times World Cup Champion (MTB)

Here’s the course design that Eric came up with for the event:

(Image copyrighted, used courtesy of Dirtyfest)

The freestyle stars expected to attend include Bob Haro, Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez and Brian Blyther.

We’re not sure how many BMX stars of the ’70s and ’80s will be in attendance, but we expect there will be a good number of them, too. Mike Miranda told us that he’s expecting “Stu Thomsen, Toby Henderson, Jeff Kosmala, David Clinton, Greg Hill, Byron Friday, Eric Carter, Perry Kramer, Eddy King, Dennis Dain, Billy Griggs, Todd Corbitt, Jason Jensen, Tracer Finn, Andy Patterson, Bob Haro, Jeff Bottema, Craig Kundig, John Crews, Eddie Fiola, Mike Buff… That’s just a short list of who I talked to. That list is just [the] Hall of Famers list. The list is way longer. It’s gonna be fun,” Miranda told us.

Here’s the website to find out more about the event: https://dirtyfest.com/

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