Orbea’s New Alma Cross Country Hardtail

Orbea’s Alma
Cross Country Hardtail

By Orbea

Light is good – structural integrity is critical. Creating the lightest frame with perfectly-tuned rigidity is the simple goal, but it’s a process that requires years of design skill and manufacturing expertise.

frames blend high modulus fibers of up to 588GPa with tensile strength of 3800MPa that help us to perfectly tune the weight and stiffness on each frame. The best materials are a great start; applying them to smart designs in the hands of dedicated engineers makes the final result truly exceptional.


The highest quality prepreg carbon sheets available are laser-cut by individual frame size to minimize excess materials and overlap.

Fiber direction and layup are tuned and adjusted with testing prototypes, and hours of pre molding specific areas of each production frame before final heating ensure optimal fiber and resin compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. Smooth and even compression of the laminates is the goal; full EPS molds, Polyurethane and Latex inserts are used to eliminate wrinkles and imperfections when the frame is molded.

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