Outerbike Cancels Remaining 2020 Events

Outerbike Cancels Remaining 2020 Events


Outerbike, the premier three-day experiential consumer event dedicated to helping mountain bikers find their perfect bike, announces an exciting new feature to the Outerbike website launching later this year, that will still help riders find their perfect bike, even when they can’t do it in person. Outerbike’s new website feature will utilize an interactive quiz to guide consumers towards the bike that’s right for them. This coincides with the cancellation of the remaining three Outerbike events that were on the 2020 event calendar: South Lake Tahoe, Moab and Bentonville.

“The sad news is of course we’re canceling the rest of this year’s events, but the great news is the bike industry is booming! Pretty much every brand I speak with, sales are through the roof. This means more people are joining the cycling community and that’s more people who can join us at future Outerbikes. And not just Outerbike’s, but all types of cycling events, and that’s a winning combination we can be excited about for 2021 and beyond”, said Mark Sevenoff, co-founder of Outerbike.

“Of course, COVID certainly played a part in our choice to cancel the rest of our 2020 events, however, we’re excited about the opportunity to use this time to make some important changes to the Outerbike website—stand by for more news on this, and in the meantime, if you need a break, small group Western Spirit bike trips are departing every week.”


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