Paul Component Introduces New 35mm Box Stem

PAUL Components – – You spoke and Paul Component listened by machining down their popular Boxcar stem to the desired 35mm length for modern mountain bikes. Paul designed this stem from the ground up to be stiff, strong and very light. It took several design iterations and 1,000,000 cycles of above normal use stress without a single problem to pass in-house benchmarks and achieve the combination of these three principles. Extensive real world and machine testing have proven this to be one strong stem.


As with all Paul Components, this stem is manufactured in Chico CA to the absolute highest quality and standards. Obsessive computer design time, the highest quality American 2024 alloy, and precision machining utilizing over 20 different end mills, drills, saws and taps were all used to make 1 stem. The 35mm Boxcar stems come in a zero rise and utilize stainless steel T25 Torx type screws all while weighing in at an astonishing 118 grams complete.

As usual, by letting the function and material properties dictate the shape of the product, Paul Component has come up with another one of their often complimented and purposeful designs.

Product Feature:

  • Material: American 2024 Aluminum
  • Weight: 113g
  • Finish: Anodized or Polished
  • Anodized Color: Black or Silver
  • Length: 35mm
  • Rise: +/- 0
  • Clamp Diameter: 28.6mm
  • Stack Height: 36mm
  • MSRP: $123 Anodized, $135 Polished
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