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The tents, the bands, the pros and the best bike companies will again converge to form colorful villages of mountain bike fun when the Pedro’s Mountain Bike Festivals set up in two locations. ?There’s a whole generation of people getting into mountain bikes who feel they missed the revolutionary experience that was mountain biking in the early days,? said Bruce Fina, founder of Pedro’s and the festival. ?The spirit of these festivals is a throwback to the early days. When the competition came second to the collective fun of riding a bike in the woods.? From its New England inaugural in 1995, a Pedro’s Festival has woven together music, bikes, food and fun in a beginner-friendly environment. New riders learn about equipment from pro mechanics and learn about riding from pro racers. The first festival will be the Second Annual Pedro’s Midwest Mountain Bike Festival be held at Bruce Mound in Hatfield, Wisc., June 28-30. The original promoters are working with Team Sports, the same organization that developed the legendary Volvo/Cannondale mountain bike team. Positioned in the Northern woods of Wisconsin, this festival will also serve as an IMBA trail event as well as an open house for Quality Bicycle Products, the industry’s top distributor of high-end products. The Pedro’s Midwest Festival will draw bike nuts from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis, as well as Canada and beyond. The guest star will be mountain bike legend Tinker Juarez of the Volvo/Cannondale team.

The fabled Pedro’s New England Festival, returning to the Noppet Hill Farm in Lanesborough, Mass., Aug, 9-11, will follow the Midwest Festival. This festival, North America’s largest mountain bike party, will feature the nation’s top mountain bike pros as they prepare for the NORBA Nationals finals to be held the following week at Mount Snow. ?After a summer of hot competition, the Pedro’s Festival is a welcome date on the calendar for the pros,? said Paul Salvucci, festival coordinator. ?These pros relish spending time with kids and beginners in a fun environment. The Pedro’s festival reminds these pros of the joys of mountain bikes.? This also draws the top companies showing off their latest wares. The New England festival is also famous for allowing sneak previews of prototypes to be unveiled at the fall trade shows.

The Pedro’s Mountain Bike Festivals welcome cyclists of all types and abilities. Families are especially encouraged to attend and enjoy story hour, game shows and the Pedro’s patented ?bike-in? movie theater with their children. For more information on both festivals, visit


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