Photo of the Day: Southridge USA’s Winter Series Is Coming Back

This was one of the wildest moments during a pro downhill race at Fontana in March of 2013. The first row of orange fencing was designed to stop riders from going off the small cliff in front of the guy wearing the white t-shirt. The second row of orange fencing was apparently intended to protect riders from going off the edge of a second cliff (one about 20-feet high),  only a few feet behind the man in the white t-shirt. The course marshals had to grab this rider’s bike to help stop him. The Winter Series at Fontana starts up again on the second weekend in January. The action should be good. We don’t know if they’ll ever use the above section of course again or not. Some people thought it was a little too dangerous. Fortunately, the promoter, Donny Jackson, changes the course regularly so that the riders who race there have the fun of riding different race courses during each season. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action


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