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The Sea Otter Classic returns to Monterey, California, next week.  Weather forecasters are saying there’s a 40% chance of rain next Friday for the event. Here’s some of the pro racing in 2006, when the Sea Otter pros had to deal with deep mud, even after the rain had stopped and the sun had come […]

Throwback Thursday

Cam McCaul demonstrates his jumping skills at Bootleg Canyon, Nevada, in 2004. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action   Martin Soderstrom pulls off a double tailwhip at Whistler, B.C., in the summer of 2009. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action  

Throwback Thursday: Fork Design, Circa 1989

Paul Turner hadn’t come out with the first Rock Shox suspension fork yet when Specialized came out with its Direct Drive fork, shown here as it was advertised in our February 1989 issue of Mountain Bike Action. The curved fork design allowed the fork to flex when it hit rough sections of trail, smoothing out […]

Throwback Thursday: Mountain Bike Action Ads from 30 Years Ago

Diamond Back was one of the most popular BMX brands in the country, and they were apparently eager to capitalize on their popularity as mountain biking exploded in the the 1980s. Suntour was one of the most popular drivetrain systems in 1988. Haro Designs was famous for its creative approach to marketing and advertising. This […]

Photo of the Day: Anton Cooper

 Anton Cooper rails a turn at Bonelli Park, California, in this shot from last spring. Cooper is expected to be one of the biggest stars in the World Cup cross-country series in the next few years. Photo by Tristan Courtney

Flashback Friday

  Our longtime friend Brett Tippie loves to take on the steepest and scariest drops he can find, as he proved this day in Whistler, several years ago. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Patricio Returns

 Patricio (aka Patrick Reynoso) takes a fast turn on the Rocky Mountain Slayer. This bike was easily one of the most impressive bikes we tested last year. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Checking Things Out

 While shooting photos in one of the larger bike shops in Whistler Village, we caught this shot of a customer (at right) walking down one of the aisles while one of the employees (left) took a moment to look up from what he was doing to keep an eye on the customer. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike […]