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Photo of the Day: Fast and Loose

  Mountain Bike Action senior staff member Sean McCoy rails a corner with the Mongoose Meteore Sport on one of the trails near his home in Southern California. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action  

Photo of the Day: Downhill Fun at Fontana

 Travis Claypool charges down a steep rock face in the annual Southridge Winter Series at Fontana, California. The action kicks off this year (Happy New Year, by the way!) on the weekend of January 13th and 14th at Fontana. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action  

Photo of the Day: Launching It

MBA assistant editor Brandon Castelli takes to the air while checking out the performance of the RSD Wildcat, which we reviewed in our July 2017 issue. (Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action)

Throwback Thursday: It’s a Tough Job, But Someone Has to Do It

We’re going back almost nine years with this shot. Our staff was in Park City, Utah, trying out the newest Cannondale bikes on the epic trails at the Deer Valley ski and bike resort. Back then, most mountain bikes had either 26″ or 29″ wheels; the 650b/27.5-inch wheel revolution hadn’t arrived yet. A few companies […]

Photo of the Day: Winning the World Championship

This was the finish of the Elite Men’s Cross-Country race at the 2016 UCI World Championship, with Nino Schurter about to win his fifth Elite Men’s XC World Championship title and tie the record held by Julien Absalon. Nino won his sixth such title in 2017. We’ll see how he does next year. Photo: Andreas […]

Photo of the Day: Ho, Ho, Ho

 Road Bike Action editor Zapata Espinoza took a little time out of his schedule one day a couple of years ago to race this bike at Lake Castaic. We’re not sure how to classify it. It has fat tires and drop bars. Maybe it’s a fat-cyclocross racer, or an overweight gravel bike. We’ll have to […]

Photo of the Day: John Tomac at the Cactus Cup

  John Tomac gets some style while leading a race at the Cactus Cup in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1995. Tomac is widely considered to be the greatest all-around mountain biker in the sport’s history. “Johnny T” won both the overall World Cup series and the UCI World Championship in cross-country in 1991, and he also won […]

Emily Batty

Emily Batty, putting the power to the pedals at Bonelli Park last spring. (Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action)

Photo of the Day: Southridge USA’s Winter Series Is Coming Back

This was one of the wildest moments during a pro downhill race at Fontana in March of 2013. The first row of orange fencing was designed to stop riders from going off the small cliff in front of the guy wearing the white t-shirt. The second row of orange fencing was apparently intended to protect riders […]

Photo of the Day: Out of the Ashes

While Southern California has been besieged by wildfires for over a week, the good news is that the mountain bike trails in such areas usually survive. This image was taken at Lake Castaic four and a half years ago. A fire had swept through the area a few days before the race, but promoter Greg […]

Photo of the Day: Gooseberry Mesa, Utah

A group of riders explore one of the trails on Gooseberry Mesa in southwestern Utah. You can’t tell from this photo, but that cliff they’re approaching is probably over 100-feet tall. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Season’s Greetings

 We don’t know who this rider was, but he was definitely ready to enjoy the warm weather in Southern California as the Christmas season swung into high gear after Thanksgiving Day. (Photo: Phil Beckman/PB Creative)    

Photo of the Day: Whistler Style, Part 2

The same rider who earned our “Photo of the Day” a few days ago from a big jump near the bottom of the A Line downhill course at Whistler is shown a split-second later, as seen here. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

Photo of the Day: Travis Claypool

Travis Claypool gets steezy for the lens of photographer Phil Beckman. The rider in this photo looked so much like our longtime test rider Spencer Rathkamp that we that had to send Spencer the photo and ask him who the rider was. Photo: Phil Beckman/PB Creative

Photo of the Day: Fire in the Hills

The fires in Southern California came within a half-mile of our offices on Tuesday. While many of our neighbors and some of our own employees evacuated the area at the suggestion of the local authorities, others stayed around to check out the action and keep working. MBA staffers Pat Carrigan (left) and Chris Valdes (right) […]