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Photo of the Day: Color in a B/W World

John Ker is on vacation (yes, we give him a day off every few years) so I’m posting one of my shots of Georgia Gould powering up the Southridge Wall. I sized the photo big enough to blow past our page limit, so sue me. A photo of the day should be big! Enjoy. –Jimmy […]

Photo of the Day: Tracy Moseley at Mont-Sainte-Anne

The 2011 World Championships are over, and you can read about them elsewhere on our site. Here’s a look back at Tracy Moseley in Quebec, Canada, last year, on her way to winning the elite women’s downhill World Championship title for 2010. Photo by Ryan (aka “R-Dawg”) Cleek.

Photo of the day: Simi Valley Trail Ride

Here’s one of our the photos we liked, but one that didn’t get used in our 26-vs.-29 story in our October issue. That’s Bobby Langin Jr. riding. The photo was taken by Scott McClave, who is usually on the other side of the lens when we’re taking pictures.

Photo of the Day: Maja Wloszczowska

This is Maja Wloszczowska, on her way to winning the 2010 cross-country title at the World Championships last year at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action   

Photo of the day: An alternate universe?

The wrecking crew went to Northstar-at-Tahoe recently to do some riding and bike testing. While I was shooting a couple of our test bikes with other riders, this rider came blazing through one of the turns. I got the shot, but I didn’t know who the rider was. I played around with the photo on […]

Photo of the Day: Jump action

Nate Furbee, SolVista, Colorado. (2010 National Championships, Cat #1,  3rd place). “I was shooting some of the amateur riders in addition to shooting the pros last year at SolVista. This guy had great jumping style, so I shot a photo of him, but I didn’t know who it was until I pulled out my results […]

Photo of the Day: High Line

Nate Furbee takes a high line through one of the berms on the downhill course at last year’s National Championships. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action