New Zealand is going wild with the latest mountain bike action


Photos by Clint Trahan/Crankwors

Crankworx Rotorua AirDH
Winning the AirDH, Ryan Gilchrist was followed by fellow Aussie and last year’s winner Mick Hannah. Gilchrist attributed part of his win to the training he did with Hannah, saying “We really did a lot of practice together, and he taught me some of his secrets that he learned winning last year.” He continues, “I am honored, honestly. It’s Mick Hannah. You can’t say he’s not a legend.” Canadian rider Jakob Jewett secured third place, making his second podium finish early in the 2024 Crankworx World Tour. In the women’s category, Martha Gill took home Gold, followed by local Shania Rawson, and US rider Kialani Hines. Gill, celebrating her first ever AirDH podium, is not only competing in Friday’s and Saturday’s events, but also plans to attend every stop of the 2024 Crankworx World Tour, positioning herself as a hot contender for this year’s Queen of Crankworx title.

Podium AirDH – Male Category 
(1) Ryan Gilchrist (AUS)
(2) Mick Hannah (AUS)
(3) Jakob Jewett (CAN)

Podium AirDH – Female Category 
(1) Martha Gill (GBR)
(2) Shania Rawson (NZL)
(3) Kialani Hines (USA)

Mick Hannah and Ryan Gilchrist
Martha Gill
Jacob Jewett
Brook Macdonald
Paula Zibasa
Kialani Hines

We don’t have a name for this guy (or girl).

1st, Ryan Gilchrist and Martha Gill; 2nd, Shania Rawson and Mick Hannah; 3rd, Kialani Hines and Jake Jewett.

Official New Zealand Whip-Off Championships
As the sunset drew pink clouds in the sky, the Official New Zealand Whip-Off Championships took off with a bang. The vibes were high as riders fired down the light-flooded course, competing on who can get the most sideways. After narrowing down the field to 41 finalists, the judges awarded last year’s champions, Vinny Armstrong and Edgar Briole, with the gold medal. Erice Van Leuwen and Ben Wallace took second place, followed by Nils Heiniger and Kirsten Van Horne who grabbed Bronze for the second year in a row. Describing her Whip-Off experience, Vinny Armstrong referred to it as “Honestly the best time of my life!” Visibly stoked, she praised the vibrant atmosphere among the riders and the updated course: “Just riding with all my mates, riding the best jump, it’s just so good.”

Podium Official New Zealand Whip-Off Championships – Male Category 
(1) Edgar Briole (FRA)
(2) Ben Wallace (CAN)
(3) Nils Heiniger (NZL)

Podium Official New Zealand Whip-Off Championships – Female Category 
(1) Vinny Armstrong (NZL)
(2) Erice Van Leuven (NZL)
(3) Kirsten Van Horne (CAN)

Vinny Armstrong
Emma Olofsson
Edgar Briole
Sam Blenkinsop
Brook Macdonald
Edgar Briole
Vinny Armstrong

Earlier today, the qualifying runs for the Crankworx Rotorua Pump Track Challenge took place, with Ryan Gilchrist securing the top spot for the finals on Saturday, March 23. Saturday will also feature the Specialized Dual Slalom, which Martha Gill will compete in alongside today’s medalists Mick Hannah, Shania Rawson, Jakob Jewett and many more. Gill is confidently looking forward to the race: “I think Dual Slalom has been my strongest event. I mean I managed podium in every event last year in every Slalom, so yeah, I’m always going to look forward to Slaloms on new courses.”

Don’t miss an awe-inspiring Speed & Style on Friday, the double-broadcast day featuring the Specialized Dual Slalom followed by the Crankworx Rotorua Pump Track Challenge on Saturday, and the grand finale of the 10th anniversary of Crankworx Rotorua with the Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza on Sunday. All events will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV.

Find the full schedule here.

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