Pivot’s 21.3-Pound Mach 4 Goes into Production

Pivot built a one-off lightweight version of the cross-country-racing Mach 4 and were so impressed with the results that they decided to offer it as a standard upgrade. Here are the details of the 2009 Mach 4–trimmed down with the SL Carbon kit.

-Complete bike weight is 21.3lbs as shown.

-MSRP is: $7695.00

-The highlights include:
-DT Swiss XRC100 Carbon fork and XR Carbon rear shock.

-DT Swiss XRC1250 Carbon Wheels with ceramic bearings (1250 grams)

-Magura Marta SL Magnesium brakes

-Race Face Next Carbon cranks
-Syntace Carbon bars, Carbon post, and F119 stem

-Shimano XTR

We took our proven Mach 4 frame and added some of the lightest, strongest, best performing components in the world to produce the ultimate pro level race bike. The Mach 4’s incredible frame stiffness, and dw-link design are already top performers. Now racers have an option that gives them a bike that competes with the lightest in the world, but without cutting any corners. I have been running the DT Carbon wheels for 7 months now without requiring any truing and I am not a small guy. These are the lightest, fastest, stiffest wheels made. The same can be said for the Race Face cranks. They really set a new bar for ultra-lightweight parts that are also stiff and strong. The 100mm DT fork is a smooth performer with a handlebar mounted lockout and a great stiffness to weight ratio. Last but not least are the all new Magura Marta SL Magnesium brakes. The brakes are an all new design that is both lighter and more powerful. These brakes can be used from the XC course to the downhill course without a problem.

The goal was to not only build the ultimate race bike, but do it without weight restrictions, or performance compromises. This is a bike that can be raced by anyone from 90lbs to 220lbs without sacrifice. We built our personal dream bike part by part and now we are offering it to our customers.