Muc-Off has made it clear that they are more than a brand that just makes things to clean your bike. With this new release, they make it clear that they value the safety of your bike just as much as you do. Frame protection is no new concept, but Muc-Off has designed their own version with Cube-Tec material that they claim is stronger and more flexible than any of the standard flat layered materials currently on the market.



This Cube-Tec material is layered on top of the graphic layer and the 3M adhesive weatherproof layer. They claim their kits are easy to install and strong enough for optimal impact protection.



They have the clear gloss and clear matt options using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film technology which they say allows for a smooth and stealthy finish.





Muc-Off claims its frame protection is stain-resistant, non-yellowing, and self-healing. All you need to do is apply warm water to any scratches or scuffs apparent on the tape and watch as they fade away.



With the help of their new squeegee which is sold separately, they claim installation is easy. The kits include up to45 pieces for the most optimal compatibility with more bikes. They also have kits specifically for forks and cranks.



Muc-Off has 4 graphic kits and two clear options to go for in its new lineup; Bolt, Camo, Day of the Shred, and Punk with clear gloss and clear matt if you don’t want graphics. Each of the graphic kits matches the already available graphics and Muc-Off’s other ranges including their Technical apparel and Ride Guard ranges.



Frame protection is a great way to protect your investment and keep your paint job in top condition. The stickers leave no residue, so if you ever want to change the tape or need to sell the bike, you can do that with no worry of damage.



Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and performance, continue to push innovation and performance boundaries with the release of their new Bike Protection Series.

The series is designed to provide protection for key areas of the frame, including rear stays, cranks, and forks, with kits available in combined and individual sets, in mountain and e-mountain bike size options. The kits offer a combination of strength and durability to protect frames from potential scratches, scuffs, and stone chips, and thanks to their modular design, they’re easy to apply and remove and they fit even the most obscure bike geometries.

Each kit format is offered in six different designs, including, ‘Bolt’, ‘Camo’, ‘Day of the Shred’, and ‘Punk’ which matches offers from Muc-Off’s Technical apparel and Ride Guard ranges, as well as Clear Gloss and Clear Matt options.

All the graphical Frame Protection Kits feature Muc-Off’s innovative new Cube-Tec material, which was developed from the ground up by the brand’s product design team, at their in-house research and development facility in Poole, UK. The material is comprised of multiple tessellating 45-degree-angled cubes, which due to their shape and pattern, provide more strength and more flexibility than the standard flat layered materials currently available. The Cube-Tec material sits on top of the graphical and 3M adhesive weatherproof layers below, which make Muc-Off’s kits both easy to install, as well as strong enough to shield the frame from impact.

The Clear Gloss and Clear Matt variants use TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film technology, which allows for a smooth and stealthy finish, whilst being equally as strong and durable as the graphical counterparts. In Muc-Off’s typical ‘bike care made easy’ mantra, the clear frame protection kits are stain-resistant, non-yellowing, and self-healing, meaning riders can simply apply warm water to any light scratches and scuffs, and watch them disappear as the material repairs itself. Installation is also a simple DIY task, and thanks to the new Muc-Off squeegee (sold separately), riders can achieve a professional finish, from the comfort of their own workshop.

“Being riders ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the punishment bikes take out on the trails, so we knew we had to develop a super-strong, super-flexible material that performed better than anything else out there. In true Muc-Off style, our Bike Protection Series is the perfect blend of form and function, so riders can be confident their pride and joys are protected. We also know what a pain frame protection application can be and that it can put some people off, so having a super-easy application method was key from the outset of development.” – Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

Muc-Off have elected to produce kits which include up to forty-five pieces, to provide greater levels of bike coverage and more flexibility for the wide variety of frame geometries out there. All the graphical kits feature a durable and weatherproof 3M adhesive, so they’ll remain firmly in place whatever the conditions; and if riders choose to swap out their kits for a fresh look, the stickers can be removed with ease, without leaving residue on the frame.

Muc-Off has been protecting riders and bikes for nearly three decades; with protection spraystubeless and puncture prevention range, and more recently with products like the Stealth Tubeless Tag HolderStealth Tag Holder, and Bike Insurance. This Bike Protection Series launch steps their bike armour offering up yet another gear.

The full Bike Protection Series is available in six finishes for both MTB and EMTB size options, and is broken down as follows:

The Bike Protection Series is available now from the Muc-Off global dealer network, select e-retailers and direct from

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