Tubeless mountain bike tire inflation made easy.


Tech features:

Pro offers a lot of different products, including tools, handlebars, and pumps. The Team tubeless floor pump is the latest addition to their collection of air tools. It looks like a normal pump, but as the name suggests, it’s made to set up tubeless tires using an internal canister that can be charged with air like a compressor tank. This feature is claimed to allow the pump to easily seat up to 2.3-inch-wide tires.

The pump is constructed primarily of alloy and can pump up tires to a max pressure of 260 psi. It features an analog gauge located just under the handle, which is easy to read, and a long hose so it’s easier to pump up a tire even when the bike is up in a stand. This pump is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves by unscrewing the nozzle and flipping it around as needed for each valve type. Unlike many compressor pumps which house the canister release valve on the body of the pump, this pump has that switch located on the head just under the tab that locks the head onto the valve.

Field test results:

A light alloy barrel, base and handle make this feel like a solid quality pump. The ergonomics of the handle are very comfortable, and the height will be perfect for most users although its end caps have a tendency to fall out. Its pressure range goes up to 260 psi, which is what you pump it to in the compressor mode. The resulting air blast is adequate for most tire installations, Pro says up to 2.3 inches, but we were able to mount several larger 2.5-inch tires without issue.

We did have a problem with a couple of tires, both large-volume mountain and road tires, but even compressors struggled to seat those. There is little resistance in the pumping action even at higher pressures, and the pump remains stable even with only one foot on the base. One thing we have to note is the accuracy of the analog gauge, which is off by about 4 psi when compared with our digital gauges. This is a bit of a bummer, but not the end of the world when seating tires for tubeless; we just had to make a mental note to stop about 4 psi short of our goal pressure. The pressure-release valve is also on the nozzle head itself, which is fine, but some of our testers like it when this valve is on the body of the pump.


• Little resistance when pumping

• Solid alloy construction

• Air blast seats most tires with ease


• Handle end caps fall out

• Gauge was 4 psi too low


Price: $150




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