Product Review: Deity Deftrap Pedals

Deity Deftrap Pedals

Flat pedals arguably make riding more fun, which is why we’ve seen so many riders make the switch the past few years. Deity is a leader in designing flat pedals for some of our sport’s most fun-to-watch riders. Just take a look around the Red Bull Rampage start gate and you’ll see plenty of riders rocking Deity components. The only downside is that premium goods are expensive, at least they were until now. The Deftrap pedals from Deity are designed to bring elite performance to those on a tighter budget. This month the Mountain Bike Action crew tested a newer set of platform pedals promising to be the best budget flat pedals on the market today.

Tech features: The Deftrap pedals are significantly less expensive than their CNC-machined aluminum counterparts, thanks to their nylon composite construction. In fact, the Deftrap pedals are more than three times less expensive than Deity’s popular T-Mac pedals, but manage to boast the same level of attention to detail. Deity whipped up a nylon glass fiber composite material, which they claim is 28-percent stronger than standard nylon composite materials.

The pedals provide a huge 113mm x 103mm footprint, along with a concave shape on either side for maximum grip. Providing additional pedal grip are 10 pins per side, as well as small channels designed to release mud and snow.  Ensuring longevity are two sealed bearings with oversized DU bushings. Available in 10 color options and weighing in at 391 grams per pair, these are far from your average throwaway plastic pedals.

Field test results: As soon as we spun these pedals on our test bike, we quickly fell in love. Although the pedals have a huge platform that seems to be sized for riders on extra-large frames, most riders won’t have a problem with the overall size. Compared to Deity’s popular T-Mac pedals, the Deftrap pedals are slightly narrower and a touch longer, providing a platform that’s less likely to strike rocks while offering additional support.

We tested these pedals with a few different types of shoes, from Crankbrother’s new flat-pedal shoes to classic Five Ten shoes. We even tried them with Vans. Every shoe we tried provided the utmost traction, which inspired confidence riding down the trails. We didn’t hit these pedals all that much on rocks or roots, but we believe they will hold up to tougher trail conditions.

The best part about the Deftrap pedals is the price. For just $50 you can score a truly great set of flat pedals that work just as well as, if not better than, some aluminum options. Considering these pedals are inspired by Deity T-Mac pedals, which sell for $169, the Deftrap pedals are a bargain. We’d recommend these pedals for any flat-pedal enthusiast looking for a great deal, or any rider who abuses his equipment and has to replace parts more often. If a composite flat pedal is in your future, we’d suggest giving Deity a try.


• Multiple color options

• Durable composite design

• Excellent traction with any shoes


• Fairly large for some riders

Star Rating:


Price: $50




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