Product Review: Lazer Jackal Helmet

Lazer Jackal Helmet

Lazer’s roots dig deep, with over a century of experience manufacturing cycling helmets. Of course, a lot has changed over the years, requiring Lazer to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the game. The Jackal is Lazer’s answer for riders looking to leap further and ride faster. Lazer enlisted the help of Canadian shredder Thomas Vanderham to ensure the Jackal was up for the task. The Mountain Bike Action crew recently got its hands on the Jackal helmet and decided to find out what this new lid has to offer.

Tech features: Lazer believes a good helmet can be used for a variety of riding disciplines—from trail riding and commuting to night riding. To make sure the Jackal was ready for anything, Lazer packed it full of features. For riders who love to charge full speed, Lazer incorporated a goggle gripper at the back of the helmet and a visor designed to flip up, allowing for goggle storage during climbs. Nightriders and trail commuters will find an attachable action-camera accessory mount that is handy for holding night-riding lights and a rear attachable LED is great for safely riding home from the trails.

The helmet features a MIPS anti-rotational safety system, along with a full wraparound Turnfit system to secure the Jackal to a rider’s head. Lazer replaced the standard buckle with a magnetic one that makes it easy to remove or put on the helmet while wearing gloves. Lazer also prioritized ventilation, designing this lid to pull air through during warm rides. Helmet sizes include small, medium and large; a size small weighs 340 grams. The Jackal is available in seven different colors.

Field test results: The black helmet we tested is one of the more subtle designs, while other color options include graphics for additional flair; regardless, the fit and safety features are the same across the Jackal line. The Lazer’s full wraparound-style fit system provided a snug yet comfortable fit. Additionally, Lazer did a nice job seamlessly integrating its MIPS safety liner to help prevent concussions. The Jackal’s magnetic buckle adds to the helmet’s quality, making it easy to put on and remove the helmet, even while wearing gloves. Lazer knows eyewear is important, so the helmet was designed to accommodate most sunglasses and goggles.

Last but not least, we were curious to see how this helmet would breathe, considering its enduro- and big-mountain-focused design. Our question was quickly answered after a few laps in the Jackal when we had to reach up and touch the helmet to make sure we even had it on. With all of the Jackal’s features, it’s hard to find a better helmet for the job—whatever that job may be. It might be a bit bulky for true cross-country riders; however, from trail to enduro, this deep-coverage lid, with its accessory mount, multi-position visor and competitive weight, should be high on your list of possible helmets to buy. 


• Comfortable fit

• Packed with features

• Deep coverage and MIPS provide confidence


Might not be optimized for cross-country

Star Rating:


Price: $179.99



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